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Naimat Ullah1,3,*, Aneela Zameer Durrani1, Muhammad Avais1, Nisar Ahmad2, Sana Ullah3, Muhammad Shuaib Khan3, Khalid Mehmood5, Mumtaz Ali Khan1 and Ikramul Haq1
...d with the occurrence of theileriosis in sheep. Total 600 blood samples were taken each 200 from districts Bannu, Tank and Dera Ismail Khan of southern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan and screened through blood microscopy. The current study revealed an overall prevalence of ovine theileriosis as 27.5%, 13% and 19.5% in districts of Dera Ismail Khan, Tank and Bannu, respectively. Sex, tick infestation, animal keeping conditions, ...

Rafiullah1*, Abdur Rahman2, Khalid Khan1, Anwar Ali1, Arifullah Khan2, Abdul Sajid3 and Naimatullah Khan3 

Muhammad Riaz1*, Zahida Tasawar1, Muhammad Zaka Ullah2 and Zawar Hussain3
Parasitological and Molecular Survey on Theileriosis of Sheep and Goats and the Related Risk Factors in Musa Pak Shaheed Town, Multan, Pakistan
...ut any apparent signs of theileriosis were examined to diagnose Theileria piroplasms. During sampling, blood was amassed by puncturing the jugular vein in eppendorf comprising EDTA as anticoagulant coated tubes for the detection of Theileria piroplasms. DNA was extracted from collected samples and subjected to PCR amplification to determine ovine and caprine theileriosis. Through a questionnaire, the data regarding animals a...

Shahid Amin1*, Jabbar Khan1, Imran Khan2, Dost Muhammad1, Kamran Ullah Khan1, Naqeeb Ullah Khan1, Muhammad Azhar Jameel3 

...d 7.2% for anaplasmosis, theileriosis and babesiosis, respectively. Different risk factors were studied but statistical significant changes (p<0.05) were observed in prevalence of haemo-parasitic diseases with respect to season, breed, specie, age and sex. Hematological profile of diseased animals showed significant decrease (p<0.05) in TEC, Hb, PCV, MCH and MCV while no significant changes (p>0.05) were observed in MCHC and TLC. On basis of erythrocy...

Muhammad Nadeem1, Muhammad Rizwan2,3*, Tanveer Ahmad4, Muhammad Kashif5, Aneela Zameer Durrani2, Muhammad Ali6, Asghar Abbas7, Safder Imran8, Sidra Saher9, Syeda Fakhra Waheed10

...nalysis showed that FMD, theileriosis, and HS are the most important, of which FMD was found to be most common diseases in study area. Other main livestock health problems observed during study was respiratory syndrome, mastitis, enterotoxaemia, tick and mite infestations and pox disease. There was no proof of rinderpest occurrence since long in area of examination. Participatory disease surveillance presented to be a worth full technique to obtain trustworthy...

Ahmed Abdel-Rady3*, Mohamed Karmi2, Menna_allah Youssef1, Aml M. Abdel-Ra’ouf1, Bahaaa Madkour1 

Ahmed Kareem Kadhim Al-Wasmee1, Waddah Salam Hassone2, Hawraa Talib Al-Janabi3, Hamed AH Al-Jabory1

...hat result in a tropical theileriosis in bovine herds and causes significant economic losses in the cattle sector. We estimated and interpreted the frequency of theileriosis in the calf herds in Babylon Province. We carried out the study from July until the end of December 2022 in several regions of Babylon Province. Ninety jugular vein blood samples were collected. The calves ranged from <1 M to ≥4 M and both sexes we...

Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences


Vol. 12, Iss. 7, pp. 1206-1409


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