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Zaffar Malik, Moazzam Jamil, Ghulam Hassan Abassi, Muhammmad Nafees, Muhammad Rafey and Muhammad Kamran

...), liquid limit (LL) and plasticity index (PI), tensile strength (TS), shear strength (cohesion (C) and angle of friction (φ)) were studied. Results showed that amendments had improved soil physico-mechanical properties. No specific trends were observed for consistency limit, however, PI decreased for all the amendments applied and LL showed correlation with φ and TS. Significant reduction (p≤ 0.05) in the coefficient of linear extensibility (COLE) ...
Lingtong Ye1, Chao Cao1,2, Bin Tang1,2, Tuo Yao1, Ruixuan Wang1 and Jiangyong Wang1*
... degree of morphological plasticity in the palp pigmentation pattern, the shape of the anterior edge of the prostomium, the shape of the major spines on chaetiger 5, and the shape of the pygidium. The COI gene sequence demonstrated that the intraspecific distance of P. websteri was 0.33%, whereas the interspecific distance of P. websteri ranged from 18.88% (with P. brevipalpa) to 24.79% (with Boccardia proboscidea). The intraspecifi...
Abida Butt,* Imtiaz Alam and Rabia Naz
...A.trifasciata showed plasticity that can be explained on the basis of studied body measures.
Dongping Liu1, Guogang Zhang1, Chao Wang2, Baoping Qing2 and Jun Lu1,*
...-nesting. The phenotypic plasticity in crested ibis may play important role in future reintroduction of this critically endangered species under a changing environment.

Adnan Arshad1*, Huma Qamar2, Ristina Siti-Sundari3, Zhang Yue1, Muhammad Zubair2, Muhammad Ali Raza4, Muhammad Habib-ur-Rehman5 and Lizhen Zhang1*

Phenotypic Plasticity of Spineless Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) Cultivars in Response to Exogenous Application of Salicylic Acid under Rainfed Climate Conditions
...d SA4 showed substantial plasticity to maximum phenology parameters of C3, C4, and C5. Safflower treated with salicylic acid could adapt to wide range even though in the extreme weather and drought conditions in rainfed agriculture. Spineless safflower cultivars could be a future way forward as a potential parallel crop to ensure a sustainable source of production in rainfed regions worldwide.

Ehsan Kashani1, Hamid Reza Rezaei2*, Morteza Naderi3 and Nematolah Khorasani4


...malian species and their plasticity in ever-changing environments is emphasized by scientists and conservation biologists. Central deserts and steppes of Iran host a different kind of insectivores like hedgehogs; however, their ecology and genetic properties are rarely documented. For species of hedgehogs that are included in the subfamily Erinaceinae, at least four known species are listed for Iran. Brandt’s (Paraechinus hypomelas) and Long-eared...
Dong-Min Hou1, Ting Jia2, Chun-yan Liu1, Zheng-Kun Wang1 and Wan-Long Zhu1*
...>T. belangeri showed plasticity under the condition of FR and Re. Moreover, WAT played an important role in the survival environment of T. belangeri to adapt to the fluctuation of food resources.
Gong Xue-na1, Jia Ting2, Zhang Di2 and Zhu Wanlong1*
...g higher phenotypic plasticity. Leptin and NPY expression may play an important role in body mass regulation. Phenotypic differentiations in E. miletus of two regions may be closely related to food resources, altitude and temperature of Hengduan mountain regions.

Hamenya Mpemba1, Fan Yang1, Kirsty J. MacLeod2,3, Dusu Wen1, Yan Liu1,4 and Guangshun Jiang1,*

...robabilities and overall plasticity in the face of change. This study is, therefore, an important step forward in understanding predator cue responses at the community level. This is also the first study to test the ecological function of Amur tiger cues in the wild environment and may serve as essential information in the rewilding process of captive Amur tiger plans.

Yousef Ahmed Alkhamis1,2*, Basanti Mondal3, Roshmon Thomas Mathew2, Ganesan Nagarajan4,5,6, Sheikh Mustafizur Rahman3, Md. Mostafizur Rahman7, Adnan Alhajji1 and Md. Moshiur Rahman3,8*
...raits through phenotypic plasticity can minimize at least these losses.


Milena Vlahovic*, Dragana Matic, Marija Mrdakovic, Larisa Ilijin, Anja Grcic, Aleksandra Filipovic, Jelica Lazarevic and Vesna Peric-Mataruga

... (PMM) and determine the plasticity of this trait and the correlations between midgut enzymes and PMM under stress conditions. Fourth-instar larvae were exposed to acute and chronic effects of two cadmium concentrations, 10 and 30 μg Cd/g dry food, as well as a three-day recovery from chronic treatments. PMM is also an indirect indicator of food consumption and was found to be significantly reduced compared to control in both acute effects and chronic treat...

Laila Ibouzine-Dine1*, Inssaf Berkiks1,2, Mouloud Lamtai1*, Hasnaa Mallouk1, Ayoub Rezqaoui1, Abdeljabbar Nassiri1, Abdelhalem Mesfioui1, Aboubaker El Hessni1

...esis, pruning, and brain plasticity. In the present study, we aimed to determine the activity of NO during the early and late critical periods of structural and functional maturation of the central nervous system (CNS). In this study, we focused on the prefrontal cortex, hippocampus, striatum, and hypothalamus of male and female “Wistar” rat pups, as these areas have differential developing states. NO level was determined on postnatal days (PND) 1,...

Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences


Vol. 12, Iss. 5, pp. 802-993


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