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Sehrish Kanwal1, Ali Saeed1*, Muhammad Munir2, Memoona Arshad1

British Journal of Virology
Tianzhu Chao, Huiqiang Cai, Yuxun Zhou, Kai Li* and Junhua Xiao
...vestigated the molecular phylogenetics of Chinese house mice based on 466 DNA sequences from mitochondrial D-loop fragments. Our analyses revealed that Mus musculus musculus and M. m. castaneus are older colonized subspecies with broad distributions in East China, while M. m. domestics is a newly arrived subspecies currently restricted to Shanghai, indicating the elevated risk in this cosmopolitan cities. Phylogenetic analysis indicates th...
Zihong Chen1, Ling Xu2, Xiaona Yang2, Yaguan Zhang3* and Yuming Yang4
...ombined with a multigene phylogenetics analysis involving 5.8S–ITS, nrSSU, nrLSU, EF–1α, RPB1 and RPB2. In multilocus phylogeny, M. baoshanense was grouped as a sister clade to Metarhizium majus, Metarhizium guizhouense, Metarhizium lepidiotae and Metarhizium indigoticum, but conclusively separated from these allied species with high support value. Morphological character differentiated M. baoshanense...
Muhammad Rizwan Ashraf1, Asif Nadeem1,2, Eric Nelson Smith3, Maryam Javed1, Utpal Smart3, Tahir Yaqub4, Abu Saeed Hashmi1 and Panupong Thammachoti3

Arnold Christian Tabun*, Ferdinan Suharjono Suek, Cardial L Leo Penu, Johanis A. Jermias, Thomas Lapenangga  

Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences


Vol. 12, Iss. 6, pp. 994-1205


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