Andrea Rezic1, Ivica Boskovic2, Piera Lubinu3, Marina Piria1, Tihomir Florijancic2, Massimo Scandura3 and Nikica Sprem1*
...ign: justify;">Geometric morphometrics analyses are now often used to examine morphological variation in carnivore skull. Differences in golden jackal skull shape and size due to sexual dimorphism were examined using two dimensional geometric morphometrics approach. A total of 21 landmarks described the dorsal side of the skull and lateral side of the mandible. Individual variation in skull and mandible morphology was statis...
Xiao-Ying Ren1, Di Zhang2 and Wan-Long Zhu1,*
...nvestigate the geometric morphometrics of the craniums and mandible in nine species of Eothenomys (E. fidelis, E. melanogaster, E. chinensis, E. proditor, E. custos, E. cachinus, E. eleusis, E. miletus and E.olitor), ANOVA analyses, principal components analysis, thin plate spline, UPGMA and Multidimensional Scaling were used. The results showed that there had significant differences in skul...

Parsa Riaz and Muhammad Naeem*

Digestive Enzymes Activity with Gut Morphometric Parameter of Carnivorous Fish Wallago attu (Siluridae, Siluriformes)
...lago attu related to gut morphometrics that evaluated digestive enzymes with reported literature behalf of their species feeding habits. Gut morphometric parameters included first time in relation to Wallago attu morphology as Relative gut mass, length and Zihler’s Index are basically explored as potential indices to identify habits.


Tao He1,2,3, Cheng-jing Chen4, Jian-guang Qin3, Yun Li1,2, Rong-hua Wu1,2 and Tian-xiang Gao4,*

...gittae shapes, geometric morphometrics for otolith shapes could be used as a complementary tool along with body morphology to distinguish L. haematocheilus stocks.
Samreen Khan, Tabassum Ara Khanum, Nasira Kazi, Salma Javed* and Shahina Fayyaz
Description of Aphelenchoides acacia n. sp. and Aphelenchoides naurangiensis n. sp. (Nematoda: Aphelenchoididae) with Observation on Aphelenchoides saprophilus Franklin, 1957 from District Lakki Marwat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
...d terminus. In addition, morphometrics and morphological details are given for Aphelenchoides saprophilus which is the first record for Pakistani nematode fauna.


Tasleem Akhtar1, 2, Ghazanfar Ali1,* and Nuzhat Shafi2

...="font-size: small;">The morphometrics, length-weight relationships and condition factor are presented for commercially important Schizothoracinae from Neelum and Jhelum rivers during 2015-2016. In the present study, four species of Schizothorax had been found, in which three species were already reported (S. esocinus, S. plagiostomus and S. progastus) and one new species (S. niger) was found first time in AJK. One hundred and fifty...
Ammara Gull-e-Fareen1,2, Imran Bodlah1,*, Muhammad Adnan Bodlah3, Muhammad Tariq Rasheed1, Habib Ali4 and Muhammad Asif5
...ters, brief description, morphometrics and illustrations are provided. Comparison of recorded species with type species has been provided. World distribution and distribution in Pakistan has been given using Arc GIS tools.
Imran Bodlah1*, Muhammad Tariq Rasheed1, Muhammad Farooq Nasir1, Tariq Mahmood2 and Muhammad Asif3
...ters, brief description, morphometrics, distribution and illustrations are provided. Biology, trophic associations with 4 ant’s species namely, Camponotus parius, Camponotus compressus, Tapinoma melaocephalum, Lepisiota fraunfeldi have been discussed. Four natural enemies; two species of syrphid flies namely, Allobaccha apicalis (Loew, 1858), Allobaccha sapphirina (Wiedemann, 1830), two species of Coccinellid beetles, Coccinella septempunctata (Coleopter...

Jawaid A. Khokhar*, T. J. Ursani, Fareeda Memon, Samina Malik, Asif Soomro and Fareeda Shah see the stability and morphometrics of oothecae of mantids occurring in agricultural areas of Mirpurkhas. Due to the little exploration to this bio-control agent is the reason to conduct research in District Mirpurkhas, Sindh (May to Oct 2018). Total 319 specimens were collected and arranged into 06 genera and 08 species along with morphometrics of 40 oothecae which were sorted and a few healthy were allowed for hatching ...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 54, Iss. 5, Pages 2003-2500


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