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Xue-yang Wang1, Shang-zhi Zhang1, Ming-hui Liu2, Dong Yu1, Yan Ma1, Dong-qiong Fei1, Hai-zhong Yu1 and Jia-ping Xu1,*
...expression levels in the molting stage. What’s more, BmARM-like protein could be detected by immunofluorescence in all analyzed tissues, including head, midgut, hemolymph, fat body, testis and ovary. More importantly, the relatively high expression level of BmARM-like mRNA were observed in BC9 (near-isogenic line) following BmNPV infection as compared to P50 (susceptible strain), which was further validated in the midgut of A35 (resistant strain)....
Bin Wang1, 2, Qianji Ning1,*, Qian Wang2, Wei Peng2, Tong Hao2,*and Jinsheng Sun2,*
...e current studies on the molting mechanism mainly focused on the independent analysis of single protein, rather than a protein-protein interaction. In this work, with the systematic point of view, the subcellular location of 830 unidentified proteins were annotated based on the previously reconstructed protein-protein interaction network (PIN) of E. sinensis using the bioinformatics analysis method, which accounts for 91.9% of all un-localized proteins ...

Omar Berkani1*, Souheila Slimani2, Nora Sakhraoui3 and Cherif Abdennour1 of the CYP groups was molting. Treatment with PO aqueous extract seems counteracted the toxic effects of CYP, which was confirmed histopathologically by the noticeable amelioration in the testicular tissues. It was concluded that PO aqueous extract co-administration may be promising as a natural protective herb against CYP-induced reproductive toxicity in the male pigeons.


Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Pakistan J. Zool., Vol. 56, Iss. 3, pp. 1001-1500


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