Wenjuan Yan1, Qunlan Zhou2, Bo Liu2,3*, Cunxin Sun2, Huimin Zhang3 and Changyou Song2
...exture profile including gumminess, hardness and chewiness, and decreased the muscle sensory evaluations including whiteness and succulency. Therefore, 100 mg Kg-1 I. cicadae could improve growth performance and meat quality of giant freshwater prawn, reduce the damage of oxidative stress.

Ho Shi Hui1, Eng-Keng Seow2, Nurul Huda1* 

...e hardness, springiness, gumminess and chewiness of egg white gel had decreased after ultrasound treatment. Ultrasound-treated duck egg white for 40 minutes showed a significantly (p<0.05) higher foaming capacity and improved folding test score. Result showed that the increase of ultrasound treatment time may have conferred detrimental effects on duck egg white protein that influenced the physicochemical properties of egg white. Hence, ultrasound treatment ...

Journal of Animal Health and Production


Vol. 10, Iss. 4, Pages 412-540


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