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Muhammad Zeeshan Majeed1,2,*, Abu Bakar Muhammad Raza2, Muhammad Afzal2,Hafiz Salah-ud-Din2, Imtiaz Sarwar2, Muhammad Yahya2 and Khurram Shehzad3 (Araneae) (5-18%) and earthworms (Lumbricidae) (2-20%) were the most abundant and more active, hence, were more captured in pitfall traps in summer season. Termites (isopteran) and earthworms were more captured in monoliths. By and large, macroinvertebrate fauna was lower in the soils studied as compared to other tropical and subtropical regions reported elsewhere. Therefore, keeping in view the key role of soil invertebr...

 Syed Turab Raza1,*, Zhu Bo1,*, Zulfiqar Ali2 and Tang Jia Liang3

...tion. Vermicomposting by earthworms (Eisenia fetida) is useful technique to recover nutrients of plants such as NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium). A vermicomposting system using the earthworm species (Eisenia fetida) and treating it with cattle dung, pig manure and biochar with crop (wheat straw and rapeseed) waste was established in upland areas of China. It was monitored for two months. Four treatments (T1 to T4) were prepared using crop resi...

Korkmaz Bellitürk1, Zubair Aslam2, Ali Ahmad2* and Sami ur Rehman2

...s prepared by the use of earthworms. Vermicompost contains sophisticated and more soluble major and minor nutrients. The objective of this experiment was the chemical and physical analysis of raw material of goat manure, cow dung, sheep manure and their vermicompost products. The earthworms for vermicomposting, Eisenia fetida (an epigeic species), were used as the test species. The samples were collected from prepared vermic...

Ali Ahmad1*, Zubair Aslam1, Korkmaz Bellitürk2, Naeem Iqbal3, Muhammad Idrees3, Muhammad Nawaz4, Muhammad Yasir Nawaz5, Muhammad Kashif Munir6, Ahmad Kamal1, Ehsan Ullah1, Muhammad Ahsan Jamil1, Yousuf Akram1, Tanveer Abbas1 and Muhammad Mohsin Aziz1

...bstrates. Experiments on earthworms and the vermicast production by different species are also included in review. The paper also reveals fitness or compatibility of different species of earthworms to ‘bioprocess’ variation in different forms of organic waste. The review also presents the basic idea of all those research studies about effect of vermicomposting on different parameters of plant growth. Such an expl...

Syeda Shazia Bokhari, Aisha Waheed Qurashi*, Roheela Yasmeen*, Fouzia Yasmeen, Nabeela Nayab, Uzma Rafi

...hich are associated with earthworms (Lumbricus terrestris) towards adherence and exopolysaccharides productions. Both productions are important parameters of plant growth promoting bacteria. Earthworms, along with soil sample, were collected from different areas of Lahore. Bacteria were isolated, purified and further characterized morphologically, biochemically and at molecular level. Bacteria after isolation were labelled a...

Harpreet Kaur* and S.S. Hundal

...t organisms, for example earthworms which play a key role in soil ecosystem productivity.


Ali Ahmad1*, Zubair Aslam1, Korkmaz Bellitürk2, Ehsan Ullah1, Ali Raza1 and Muhammad Asif3

Journal of Innovative Sciences


Vol.9, Iss.2, Pages 192-241


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