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Haroon Ur Rashid1*, Nazia Tahir2, Muhammad Zamin3, Naveed Shehzad4, Aman Ullah2, Bibi Zainub5 and Farooq Azam6

...s integrated @ 15L each +atrazine @ 0.125 kg a.i ha-1(1/4th of the recommended dose) was assigned to sub plots (Factor B). Data were recorded and analyzed for dry biomass (g) of total weeds 60 DAS, leaf area (cm2), leaf area Index (%) and Stover yield (Kg.ha-1). Integration of tillage regimes and various allelopathic treatments had significant effect on tested parameters. However, the efficacy of surface mulches was more pronounced than <...

Sajida Batool1, Saira Batool1, Sitara Shameem1, Fatima Khalid1, Tahira Batool2, Summera Yasmeen1, Saima Batool3*

... the toxic potentials of atrazine at the given dose level.
Novelty Statement | This study reports hepato-toxic effects of atrazine at a particular dose level which has not been reported before. 

Bilal Jan1, Farida Anjum1*, Aasma Bibi1, Syed Roohul Hussain1, Abdul Ahad1, Azeem ud Deen1, Zia Ullah2 and Farrakh Mehboob3

...for chlorpyrifos, 8% for atrazine and parathion-methyl, whereas no non-compliance was observed for FAO/codex maximum residue limits (MRLs). The designed method for the multi-class pesticide residues was standardized for peaches via GC-µECD. Based on the results of the present study, it is the need of time to conduct more research in this field; disseminate results, and develop stringent policies to screen the use of pesticides sustainably for the benefit...

Iqtidar Hussain1, Haroon Shahzad2*, Sami Ullah2*, Muhammad Jawad Nazir1 and Muhammad Rizwan3

Fariha Qahar and Muhammad Sayyar Khan*

...o H2O2, metolachlor, and atrazine-induced oxidative stress. The overexpression of the NtSAT4 gene from Nicotiana tobacco under 35S promoters in various compartments of the cell, which includes cytosol, plastids, and mitochondria in transgenic lines, resulted in enhanced tolerance in terms of lesser wilting and pigment discoloration to induced stress compared to non-transformed plants. In terms of approximate percentage damage, under 14% H2O2stress,30-60% of th...
Mamoona Arooj1, Bilal Ahmad Khan*1, Muhammad Ather Nadeem1, Muhammad Mansoor
Javaid1, Erum Rashid2, Muhammad Saleem Jilani3, Jamshahid Qamar1, Faryal Ali4, Sadaf
Javeria5, Muhammad Faisal4
...e effect of low doses of atrazine on growth of Tribulus terrestris. Pot
experiments were conducted at Agronomic Research Area, collage of Agriculture, University
of Sargodha, during 2019. Six different concentrations of atrazine [0, 5, 10, 20, 40 and 80 g
a.i. ha-1] were applied as post emergence herbicides at 3- 4 leaves stage of the weeds
under two different water regimes (60...

Tariq Ahmed Keerio1*, Muhammad Nawaz Kandhro1, Ahmed Naqi Shah1, Muhammad Ibrahim Keerio2, Ghulam Murtaza Jamro3

Pakistan Journal of Weed Science Research


Vol.30, Iss. 1, Pages 01-43


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