Muhammad Zahid1*, Muhammad Salman2, Shah Alam Khan2, Alamzeb1, Inamullah Khan1


...f 70.86% was recorded in apricot orchards in Peshawar, followed by Nowshera (62.40%) and Swat (40.73%). Bordeaux mixture treatment applied to tree trunks was very effective in reducing the borer infestation during dormant season. After pruning orchards, Nurelle-D 505EC and Triazofos 40EC @ 75ml of each proved to be the best toxicants, which showed synergistic effect in Bordeaux mixture (Copper oxychloride 75g + Lime 3kg + water 10L) in reducing borer infestati...
Ahmed Mujtaba1, Tariq Masud1, Asif Ahmad1, Waqar Ahmed3, Saqib Jabbar3* and Robert E. Levin2
...ntibacterial activity of apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) and its by-products. The aim of the study were to test the activity of chlorogenic acid isolated from apricot cv. Habi, against different food borne pathogens and quantification of the chlorogenic acid (CA) using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). The chlorogenic acid was isolated using resin. The recovered amount of compound was calculated. Aliquots o...


Shakir Ullah*, Aish Muhammad*, Iqbal Hussian*, Hafeez-Ur-Rahman**, Muhammad Zeeshan Hyder***, Muhammad Din**** and Nizamud Din

...Twelve local
apricot cultivars (Marghulam, Shakarfo, Shakanda, Charmagzi, Shai
Pawand, Nili Pawand, Halman, Habi, Ali Shah Kakas, Astore 1, Narie and
Skardu Local) were evaluated for morphological UPOV (International Union
for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants) and the International Board for
Plant Genetic Resources (IBPGR) characteristics. Three cultivars
(Charmagzi, Shai Pawand a...

Masooma Munir1,2*, Abdul Ahad3, Asra Gull1, Aqsa Qayyum2, Nouman Rashid Siddique2, Amer Mumtaz2, Naeem Safdar2, Barkat Ali2, Muhammad Nadeem1 and Tahir Mahmood Qureshi

.... In the present study, apricot based snack bars were prepared with spinach powder addition to enhance micronutrient status of snack food bars. Four treatments were prepared by increasing the level of spinach in apricot bars and storage was done up to 3 months. Moisture and sugar content decreased with storage time while ash and fiber contents remained same during storage. The mineral and ash contents increased significant...

Hina Maryam1, Muhammad Ather Rafi2, Ahmed Zia1, Ghulam Rasul3, Muhammad Kamal Sheikh3*, Muhammad Qasim4 and Gulnaz Parveen

...rveys were conducted for apricot insect pollinators during apricot blossom period (early March) from Gilgit, Ghizer, Hunza-Nagar and Skardu. Total 18 species of 14 genera under seven families of orders Diptera, Hymenoptera and Lepidoptera were identified. Order Diptera was represented by family Syrphidae with four species under three genera. Order Hymenoptera represented four families i.e. Apidae with six species under four ...

Humayun Saleem1, Faisal Sohail Fateh2*, Zia-Ur-Rehman1 and Muhammad Abu Bakar Siddique

... low as -30 ° C. The apricot has been used as a treatment for various diseases in Folk medicines. Shot hole which is a fungal disease caused by Wilsonomyces carpophilus is one of the diseases that target apricot. The purpose of the current study was to record the prevalence of shot hole disease on Islamabad’s Federal Capital Territory markets. The frequency and severity of shot hole disease was estimated from marke...
Yonghua Liu*, Xianhua Li, Xiongfei Yan and Gang Li
...>Armeniaca vulgaris (apricot), Malus pumila (apple), Prunus salicina (plum), and Amygdalus persica (peach) on the growth, development, survival, reproduction, and life table parameters of A. fimbriana were studied. Different host plants had significant effects on the growth, development, and reproduction of A. fimbriana. The overall developmental duration was the longest on apple (60.71 d) and peach (60.78 d) and shortest...
Ahmad Abrar Khan* and Muhammad Idrees
...ecting the production of apricot in district Mansehra, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa- Pakistan. Data were collected from 132 respondents belonging to the district Mansehra’s five agriculture circles through a pre-tested interview schedule. Results were obtained through frequency, percentage and multiple regression with a dummy variable model. The majority (46.2%) apricot growers cultivated apricot<...

Sarhad Journal of Agriculture


Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability Improvement in Tropical Region


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