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Study on Infectious Bursal Disease (GUMBORO) in Quails

Study on Infectious Bursal Disease (GUMBORO) in Quails

Abou zead, A.A., Ali, A.A.H.*and Abd El Hkeem M.M.

*Animal Health Research Institute, Zagazig Branch Poultry Disease Unit
Dep. of Virolou, Fac. Of Vet. Med., Zagazig University


Eighty migratory quails from EL-Areesh coast were trapped. Out of them, 18 quails (22.5%) were diseased and suffering mainly from digestive disorders. Mortality rate, as well as the characteristic clinical signs, , post mortem lesions and histopathological changes were recorded. Serosurvey of 80 serum samples revealed 5 (6.25%) positive for the presence of IBDV precipitating antibodies. 3 out 12 pooled bursae (25%) were positive to the presence of IBDV precipitinogen. Trials for virus isolation on the CAM of chicken embryos revealed the isolation of 3 IBD viruses from diseased quails. Isolated IBDV viruses '.vere examined by electron microscopy. The disease was reproduced in quails to record the course, the clinical findings, post mortem and histopathological changes. Also seroscreening of serum samples by AGPT were done. The present findings focus the attention to the importance of the quails from the epidemiological point of view as potential source of infec!ion of IBDV to domestic birds that housed with this species or near to this breeding. 

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Journal of Virological Sciences


Vol. 3, Iss. 1


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