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Scale Microornamentation in Some Lizard Species

Scale Microornamentation in Some Lizard Species

Amal E. Abdel-Hady*, Sara M. El-Amir, Noura S. Al-Muttri and Heba M. El-Hariri

Department of Biology, Faculty of Education, University of Majmaah, Al Majma’ah 15341, KSA

*      Corresponding author:


The outer surfaces of scales have provided significant adaption and functional value in lizards. In this paper, we examined the microornamenation of the outer surface of the dorsal scales from the mid-body region of Acanthodactylus opheodurus (Lacertidae), Mesalina guttulata guttulata (Lacertidae) and Trapelus ruderatus blanfordi (Agamidae). Skin specimens were prepared and investigated by using scanning electron microscopy. The microornamenation of the examined species exhibited different pattern in the same microhabitat. Variety was observed in the two related species, having a common family, Lacertidae. Whereas, Agamaidae sp. showed different pattern of microstructures. So, we conclude that there are other factors, which influence scale surface structures not only with microhabitat.

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Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 53, Iss. 6, Pages 2001-2521


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