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Response of Cotton to Application of Organic and Inorganic Source of Nutrients in Semi-Arid Climate

Saba Iqbal1*, Muhammad Luqman1, Hafiz Muhammad Nasrullah1, Asmat Ullah1 and Hafiz Muhammad Akram2

1Agronomic Research Station Khanewal, Pakistan; 2Agronomic Research Institute Faisalabad, Pakistan.

*Correspondence | Saba Iqbal, Agronomic Research Station Khanewal, Pakistan; Email:

Figure 1:

Weekly temperature during crop season. (a) Maximum temperature (b) Minimum temperature (c) Average temperature.

Figure 2:

Daily rainfall during crop season.

Figure 3:
A: Cost of production of various treatments; B: Gross income of various treatments; C: Net income of various treatments; D: Benefit cost ratio of various treatments.
T1= Control (145-56-62 NPK kg ha-1); T2= Poultry Manure (8 t ha-1); T3= Farm Yard Manure (10 t ha-1); T4= Slurry (10 t ha-1); T5= Urea (30 kg ha-1+ Poultry Manure 6 t ha-1); T6=Urea 30 kg ha-1+ Farm Yard Manure 8 t ha-1; T7=Urea 30 kg ha-1+ Slurry 8 t ha-1; T8=Urea 60 kg ha-1+ Poultry Manure 3 t ha-1; T9=Urea 60 kg ha-1+ Farm Yard Manure 4 t ha-1;T10=Urea 60 kg ha-1+ Slurry 4 t ha-1.

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Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability Improvement in Tropical Region


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