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 Rubina Bano, Hassnain Shah, Muhammad Sharif and Waqar Akhtar*

 *Social Sciences Institute, National Agriculutral Research Centre, Islamabad, Pakistan.


 This investigation reveals the profitability index of open house broiler farms and is based on the survey of 40 broiler farms in district Rawalpindi. The analysis covers the descriptive analysis of socioeconomic characteristics of the sample poultry farmers along with cost and profitability analysis. Broiler farming was done by adult males on full time basis. It was the main source of income of a family. The average flock size in the study area was 4033 birds. The study also bifurcates the cost structure and fixed cost accounts for 7 % while variable cost accounts for 93% of total cost of production. Feed makes the major share and accounts for 49.34%. Broiler production in the study area is profitable with a profitability index of 0.24, capital turnover of 1.32 with a rate of return on fixed cost 424% and on variable cost 135%. The issues and problems in broiler farming are also narrated.

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Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research


Vol.37, Iss. 1, Pages 1-87


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