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Inheritance Studies of Yield and Yield Related Traits in Bread Wheat Genotypes

Inheritance Studies of Yield and Yield Related Traits in Bread Wheat Genotypes

Sher Nawab Khan* and Ghulam Hassan 

Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, The University of Agriculture, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhthunkhwa, Pakistan.  


Plants contribute almost 93% of food and among the crops wheat has the largest contribution of about 80% to the total global cereal production. Eight wheat cultivars including a land race were crossed in 8×8 full diallel fashion during 2014-15 wheat growing season. In the succeeding crop season all the 56 F1 hybrids and their parents were evaluated during 2015-16 to study inheritance pattern of yield and yield related traits at Peshawar-Pakistan. Data were generated on spikelets spike-1, spike length (cm), days to heading and grain yield plant-1. Significant differences were present for all the studied parameters. In diallel analysis highly significant dominant (b) and additive (a) genetic effects were detected for all the parameters except spikelets spike-1. Scaling test for the adequacy of the model was complete to partially adequate for the studied parameters. Similarly, both dominant (H) and additive (D) genetic components were observed significant for the studied characters. Moderate to high broad and narrow sense heritability was recorded for the studied traits which indicated the expression of additive gene effect for controlling the inheritance of these traits. 

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Sarhad Journal of Agriculture


Sarhad Journal of Agriculture, Vol.40, Iss. 1, Pages 01-262


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