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Impact of NPK Fertilization on Growth and Yield of Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.) under Different Planting Methods

Impact of NPK Fertilization on Growth and Yield of Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.) under Different Planting Methods

Muhammad Nawaz Kandhro1*, Nadia Mangrio1, Aijaz Ahmed Soomro1, Zia-ul-Hassan Shah2, Ghulam Sughra Mangrio3, Nihaluddin Mari4, Zulfiqar Ali Abbasi1 and Shazia Parveen Tunio5

1Department of Agronomy, 2Department of Soil Science, 3Department of Biotechnology; Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam, Pakistan;4Sugarcane Research Institute, Agriculture Research Center, Tandojam, Pakistan; 5Water and Agriculture Waste Management Institute, PARC, Tandojam, Pakistan.

*Correspondence | Muhammad Nawaz Kandhro, Department of Agronomy, Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam, Pakistan; Email: 


The use of inorganic fertilizers in Pakistan is imbalanced and inappropriate. It is very important to use proper doses of balanced fertilizers to exploit the maximum yield potential of cane crop. This study focused on hypothesis that application of suitable planting methods and NPK level play a major role in improving sugarcane yield and quality. Experiment was performed under field conditions at Sugarcane Research Institute, Tandojam, Sindh, Pakistan (located at 250 25.19 N 680 32.07 E) during 2016-17, repeated in 2017-18 and data was averaged. The sugarcane variety PSTJ-41 was used for this study. The experiment was laid out in spilt plot design. Main-plot consisted of planting methods i.e. single set (parallel to furrow), double sett (parallel to furrow), single set (across furrow) whereas, sub-plot comprised of NPK levels i.e.166-084-165 kg ha-1 (25 % < recommended), 225-112-220 kg ha-1 (recommended), 281-140-275 kg ha-1 (25%>recommended). Results exhibited significant effects of planting methods and NPK application on most studied parameters. In case of planting methods, substantially higher seed germination (%), crop growth rate (g m-2 day-1), leaf area index (%), cane length (cm), internodes cane-1, cane yield (t ha-1), brix (%) and commercial cane sugar (%)were recorded under double sett (parallel to furrow). As regards NPK levels, 281-140-275 kg ha-1 (25%>recommended) produced significantly increased in growth and yield characters particularly, cane yield (t ha-1) and brix (%). The findings of the study further suggested that interaction of double sett (parallel to furrow) with NPK levels 281-140-275 kg ha-1 (25%>recommended) resulted in highest performance of crop especially yield and quality traits.

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Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 53, Iss. 3, Pages 801-1200


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