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Impact of Fruit Zone Leaf Removal on Fruit Quality and Yield of King’s Ruby Grapes (Vitis vinifera L.)

Impact of Fruit Zone Leaf Removal on Fruit Quality and Yield of King’s Ruby Grapes (Vitis vinifera L.)

Allah Bakhsh1, Attiq Akhtar1*, Fiaz Hussain1 and Shabbir Ahmed2

1Horticultural Research Station, Nowshera (Soon Valley), Pakistan; 2Horticultural Research Institute, AARI, Faisalabad, Pakistan.


Bunch rot is a fungal disease and causes significant yield loses to grapes yield every year. Fruit Zone Leaf Removal (FZLR) is a canopy management technique that provides a cost-effective and high-quality grape yield. In order to boost grape quality and minimize disease incidence in the King’s Ruby variety, FZLR was used for two seasons in a row. Total leaf removal was used before bloom, during full bloom, and four weeks after bloom, and was compared to an untreated control (non-defoliated). In all leaf removal treatments, titratable acidity and bunch rot incidence decreased significantly, while total soluble solids, total phenolic content, total sugars, and reducing sugars increased significantly when compared to regulation. In comparison to the other treatments, the growth of lateral shoots was significantly higher in the control.At bloom and four weeks after bloom, FZLR increased the fruit’s quality attributes.The proper penetration of light and air in the plants, as a result of leaf removal, decreases the occurrence and severity of bunch rot to less than 5%.This method is extremely useful for maintaining grape quality and quantity without the use of chemicals to combat disease. As a result, this strategy is both environmentally and health-friendly. In Pakistan, we consider using leaf removal therapy to treat grape bunch rot disease because it is the least expensive.


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Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 53, Iss. 4, Pages 1201-1601


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