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Hosts and Viruses: A New Avenue

Hosts and Viruses: A New Avenue


As you may have noticed, this issue of the journal has a new name. Starting from the first issue of 2017, Hosts and Viruses is the revised name of the British Journal of Virology. The journal was initiated in 2013 and started publishing in 2014 with six issues per year.
Hosts and Viruses is an initiative of virologists around the globe who gathered after publishing a series of books on the mononegaviruses of veterinary importance. The rebranding of the journal is a part of the journal’s re-structuring process to expand the avenue from regional to global audiences. With heavy contributions from authors around the world, we aim to publish quality publications, both critical reviewers and cutting-edge research, in coming issues of the Hosts and Viruses.

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Hosts and Viruses


Vol. 7, Iss. 6, Pages 129-146


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