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Genetic Diversity among some Horse Breeds in Pakistan

Genetic Diversity among some Horse Breeds in Pakistan

Faiz-ul Hassan1,*, Muhammad Sajjad Khan1, Muhammad Saif-ur-Rehman1, Syed Muhammad Raihan Dilshad2 and Muhammad Amjad Ali3

1Institute of Animal and Dairy Sciences, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad
2Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Gomal University, D.I. Khan
3Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan

*      Corresponding author:



 Genetic diversity among 12 horse breeds present in Pakistan was determined by using RAPD markers. The blood samples of purebred animals of eight exotic breeds (Thoroughbred, Arab, Anglo-Arab, Suffolk, Percheron, Clevland, Noriker and Hanovarian) present in Pakistan were collected from Army Remount Stables while those of four Pakistani indigenous breeds (Morna, Saen, Kakka Bralanwala and Anmol) from local horse breeders of Punjab province. Genomic DNA was extracted from the blood samples and amplified by PCR using 40 RAPD primers. PCR products were separated on an agarose gel electrophoresis and scoring of bands was performed. Phylogenetic tree was constructed by UPGMA method to determine the genetic similarity among the horse breeds. Thoroughbred and Arab horse breeds showed a higher similarity with Pakistani indigenous breeds, suggesting that these two exotic breeds had contributed significantly in the development of indigenous horse breeds of Pakistan. One set of primers OPL-7 revealed a polymorphic band at 450 bp which was present in DNA bulk of the indigenous breeds while absent in that of exotic breeds. High similarity coefficients among breeds implied the loss of genetic diversity and emphasized the need for conservation efforts for the Pakistani indigenous horse genetic resources.

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Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Pakistan J. Zool., Vol. 56, Iss. 3, pp. 1001-1500


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