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Essential Readings in Evolutionary Biology

Science, Religion and Culture

Essential Readings in Evolutionary Biology

Francisco J. Ayala and John C. Avise (eds.)
Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014, 547 pp., $47.64 (hbk),
ISBN 1421413051.

Reviewed by David Pindel



Corning Community College, USA



This book is Ayala and Avise’s attempt to address a serious oversight in the scientific literature – no volume of essential readings in evolutionary biology exists, despite the fact that evolution remains central to and is the unifying principle of the biological sciences. To remedy this, they have put together an impressive collection of classical papers, encompassing virtually all aspects of evolutionary biology and including all of key figures in the development of this field.



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Science, Religion and Culture


Vol. 5, Sp. Iss. 1 Pages 1-82


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