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Mujahid Khan1*, Mohammad Tufail2, Muhammad Fahad1, Hazi Muhammad Azmathullah3, Muhammad Sagheer Aslam1, Fayaz Ahmad Khan4, Asif Khan5 

1* Department of Civil Engg. University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar.
2 Consulting Engineer, Pakistan.
3 Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Tabuk ,Tabuk, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
4 Department of Civil Engg. University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar, Bannu Campus.
5 Department of Civil Engg. University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar, Jalozai Campus.


Being an important component of a transportation system, bridge piers needs to be properly designed for scouring
around its piers. For proper design of bridge piers, appropriate investigation of scouring patterns is extremely
important for various sizes and shapes of such piers. Without having research based knowledge of such patterns,
it becomes extremely difficult to predict/minimize the scouring effects ultimately leading to severe pier damages. In
this research study, experimental investigation is carried out to find the scouring patterns in terms of scour depth
and its extent in lateral direction for circular and square pier models. For this purpose a number of experiments
were conducted in the physical modeling laboratory of River Engineering and drainage control, USM, Malaysia.
The study shows that the pier scour depth and affected area around pier increase with the increase in pier size.
The study further demonstrates that the square pier models results in greater scour depth and area as compared to
circular pier models. Magnitudes of scour depths and area with reference to variation in shapes and sizes of piers
are also presented in this paper, along with contour maps of scour depths, both on upstream and downstream sides. 


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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences


Vol. 39, Iss. 1, pp. 01-126


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