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In order to disseminate scholarly contents to wider scientific communities, the ResearchersLinks has initiated several projects. Some of these projects are displayed before and more information can be obtained from their websites:
Manuscript Handler (MH), a registered trademark, provides highly professional and economical workstation for publishers and individual journals. The MH is functionally integrated to provide solutions from a manuscript submission to final publications, all in one place.
A single package of MH will provide individual panel for Authors, Reviewers, Editors, Associate Editors, Editorial Office and Publishers. Each of these individuals will be able to handle all their tasks independently and/or integrated manners, whatever and wherever are needed. Each panel is supported with supportive resources in both detailed and integrated PDFs and in audio-video tutorials. You can perform any role without prior logging out from one role in any journal (provided that you have been given permission by the Editorial Office). A general working strategy has been outlined in Fig. 2.
In addition to working station for manuscript handling, we provide following outstanding features with no additional cost:
An everyday Cloud Backup, powered by HostGator, to store all your in-process data.
An unlimited manuscripts processing per journal and unlimited number of authors, reviewers, editors or associated editors access per journal in single package.
A 24/7 customer support with possibility to chat live for instant help.
Free configuration possibilities that meet your specific demand within Manuscript Handler for a specific journal.
Dedicated technical support and eServices with no additional charges.
The price of single package includes everything you need to pay without any hidden charges.
The Events Portal provides an excellent forum to organize and manage your scientific and non-scientific events for exchange of scholarly contents and develop collaboration. This platform, sponsored by the ResearchersLinks, UK offers services to:
• Organize and maintain conferences, meetings, symposia, and seminars of all sizes: from few people to hundreds of participants.
• Submit, share and exchange abstracts, files and other scholarly contents
• Consolidate information to be published in differential digital formats
The Events Portal can be used for any of the following purposes:
Electronic Conferences
You can host a virtual conference to allow participants with any background to join online, open discussions, and to discuss topics of interests in integrated or open fashions. These contents can then be compiled into proceedings or papers.
Physical Conferences
In order for you to organize a traditional conference, The Events Portal provides an online platform for you to invite, register and manage participants, to set-up abstract submission and processing, to communicate with participants. Using this forum, all you have to do is to decide a venue of your choice and manage the days of conferences. The submitted abstracts can be invited to be published in scholarly journals.
Book proposals that deal any emerging fields in the science and technology are considered. The proposed titles must be highly focused, specialized and market oriented and the editors must be expert in the proposed field with good organizational skills and a strong ability to meet deadlines.
We invite you to submit your proposal by filling a short form or by sending us an email at journals@researcherslinks with five required information totalling no more than 2 A4 pages.
• Title of the book 
• Brief introduction of the book (not more than half A4 page)
• List of competing books available in the market (if any)
• List of chapters/contents, and
• Contributing authors (optional)
Once a proposal is received, it will be reviewed by at least two independent reviewers. Upon acceptance, each editor will be sent an “Editor’s Package” that contains comprehensive step-by-step guidelines from “Composed Email for Author Invitation” to “Final Publication of the Book” to ease the Editor’s work and to facilitate the publication process.
Benefits to Book Editors
As an Editor you are entitled to the following benefits:
• Harnessing the global networking in your specific field
• Enhancement of the scientific impact and visibility
• Dissemination of your personal profiles via published book and cover pages
• Real-time monitoring of the book marketing and dissemination progress
• Complimentary copies of the book and chapters
• Full and fast-paced support to the book publishing model, support to authors, and technical aspects of publications
• The book is assigned an ISSN and each chapter a digital object identifier (DOI) for high dissemination
• A respectful royalty and publication of possible revised editions 
• Archiving and indexing in major and expanding databases


Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Pakistan J. Zool., Vol. 56, Iss. 3, pp. 1001-1500


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