Abdus Subhan1, Qudrat Ullah Khan1, Muhammad Mansoor2 and M. Jamil Khan

...treatment. Bulk density, porosity and organic matter were significantly improved by the cattle manure and compost treatments. The moisture content and water holding capacity revealed non – significant effect of the treatments. It may be concluded from the current research that water use efficiency in term of grain yield was higher in the treatment plots receiving mineral fertilizer but compost and manures were comparable and showed significant improvemen...

Safdar Ali1*, Ghulam Abbas Shah1, Muhammad Naveed Tahir1, Shahid Mehmood2, Asim Gulzar3 , Ijaz Ahmad4 and Bashir Ahmad Khan5 

...content,bulk density and porosity associated with wheat grain yield were evaluated. Seven tillage treatments were applied in the fallow periods (summer seasons) of both years before sowing of wheat crop. These tillage treatments were (i) Once Mould board plowing followed by 8 cultivations with planker (1 MBP + 8 CS) as a check, (ii) No-till followed by twice application of glyphosate herbicide (NT + GH), (iii) Once Mould board plowing followed by twice applica...

Imran Khan*, Zahir Shah, Wiqar Ahmad, Farmanullah Khan and Muhammad Sharif 

... 7-12% and increased the porosity by 9-14%, saturation water by 9-20% and available water by 19-29%. However the INM5:75,10:50, 15:25, closely followed the FYM5,10,15,20 with reduction in BD by 9-11% and increased in porosity by 11-13%, saturation water by 14-17% and available water by 25-30%. All interactions remained non-significant. These results concluded that integrated nutrient management improved the soil OM, micro-nu...

Wiqar Ahmad1* and Farmanullah Khan

...ρ) lowered by 4% and porosity (ƒ) saturation (ω) and available water content (θ) increased by 3.6%, 5% and 11%, respectively, over the RD. The cereal-legume rotation recorded 16, 15 and 32% higher total N, mineral N and soil OM, respectively, whilst it reduced ρ by 3% with increase in ƒ, ω and θ by 3, 11 and 3% over the cereal-cereal rotation, respectively. The study concluded that yield potential and fertility status ...

Muhammad Sharif1*, Sadullah1, Ghulam Rasool2, Muhammad Nasir Khan1, Zubair Rehman1, Ahmed Khan2, Ijaz Ahmad3 and Khalid Hussain4 

...bulk density, total soil porosity, soil temperature, crop biomass and crop yield. The results revealed that TOC under ZT (0.57%) was increased significantly. EC of ZT (0.314 ds m-1) was decreased numerically, but pH was not affected by tillage treatments. No significant difference regarding SWC, soil temperature, infiltration rate was observed under different tillage treatments, but the results under ZT were appriciable and CT (1.28 g cm-3) showed significantl...
Wiqar Ahmad1*, Farmanullah Khan2, Muhammad Sharif2 and Muhammad Jamal Khan2
...nd 12, 20 and 48% higher porosity (ƒ), saturation (ω) and available water (θ), respectively over the fertilizer control, whilst amongst cropping patterns, lentil after maize effect was significantly (p<0.01) superior over the wheat after maize and wheat+lentil intercrop after maize for improving soil properties. Significant correlation existed between bulk density and yield (r2=0.96 and 0.91) and soil OM and yield (r2=...

Sarhad Journal of Agriculture


Vol. 35, Iss. 4, Pages 1020-1356


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