Josef D. Jarhult1, 2

... as an important part of pandemic preparedness plans. Resistance development is a potential problem both in treated humans and in the environment. The use of oseltamivir for treatment of uncomplicated influenza in otherwise healthy patients should be questioned.


Guoyi Li1, Haiyan Tong1, Jiansheng Chen2, Jinliang Wei2, Xiaoming Zhao2, Guoping Zhang2, Zixue Shi2*

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...nd might cause worldwide pandemics. Currently, more research is required to be applied to JEV pathogenesis and antivirus therapy. This review aims to reveal the exigency of developing a worldwide effort to acknowledge the importance of performing an extensive study of this deadly disease.


John G. Bruno

... in the event of a major pandemic or infectious disease doomsday scenario. 

Amna Kausar1,2, Sana Anwar1, Naila Siddique2, Safia Ahmed1 and Javid Iqbal Dasti1,*
...e country. AIV remains a pandemic threat therefore vigilance for routine AIV surveillance programs and improved vaccination strategies are highly desirable.

Zeeshan Ahmad Bhutta1,2*, Muhammad Fakhar-e-Alam Kulyar3*, Muhammad Shoaib4, Wangyuan Yao3, Muhammad Asif5, Shah Nawaz6, Moazam Ali7 and Ayesha Kanwal8

Exploratory Study on the Psychological Impact of COVD-19 on Students
...ionary measures to avoid pandemic.

Zumama Khalid1, Muhammad Abrar Yousaf2, Abeedha Tu-Allah Khan1Farah Rauf Shakoori2, Muhammad Munir3 and Abdul Rauf Shakoori1*
...oped along with this new pandemic, and what measures should be taken both at individual and states’ levels to help fight against COVID-19.
Hamida Sarwar1, Kousar Perveen1,Rida Mazhar2, Muhammad Afzal1, Syed Amir Gilani3
...>Abstract | COVID-19 pandemic has been shown to have significant effects on the mental health of people all across the globe, generally, and healthcare workers, particularly. This report is a cross-sectional study comprising statistical data and mental health measurements from HCW including doctors, nurses, and paramedics from DHQ Hospital, Jhelum, Punjab Pakistan during the period April 24, 2020, to May 09, 2020. Healthcare professionals in hospitals equi...
Muhammad Akram Muneer1, Khalid Munir1, Ghulam Abbas1’*, Isra Munir1Mumtaz Ahmad Khan1, Asif Iqbal1, Munsoor ud Din Ahmad1, Muhammad Arshad Javid2, Zareen Fatima1 and Maria Arshad1
...As reported earlier this pandemic has hit almost every country worldwide causing exceptionally high morbidity and mortality. Amongst the South Asian countries India is worst hit by this deadly COVID-19. Pakistan’s neighboring Iran is also very badly infected and reported 57,057 deaths of 1,348,316 infected people. In Pakistan 52,411,930 confirm cases of COVID-19 and around 11,000 deaths are reported in various region of the country.

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 53, Iss. 3, Pages 801-1200


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