Yang Liu1, Jing-xin Mao2, Xiao-dong Wei2, Man Yi2, Xiao-long Zhang2, Ke Zheng3, Xian-xin Chen4, Guo-Ze Wang5 and Bing-bo Chen1,*
...05), while the number of lactobacilli was significantly increased than the control group (P<0.05). The thymus index was significantly higher in the mixed fermentation BFA group and Lactobacillus BFA group than the control group (P<0.05); while significant difference was seen in the spleen index between the mixed fermentation BFA group and the control group (P<0.01). Immu-serological indicators: the mixed fermentation group had significant increased se...

 Sohaib Afzaal1, Usman Hameed2, Nasir Ahmad3,*, Naeem Rashid3 and Muhammad Saleem Haider1

.../mL) was produced by the lactobacilliafter 48 h growth in skim milk broth, while the least (12.131 mg/mL) was produced by pediococci. These LAB strains are being studied for their probiotic properties and good quality indigenous starter cultures from them are anticipated to be employed in food industry.

Imran Khan1, Muhammad Nawaz1,*, Aftab Ahmad Anjum1, Mansur-ud-Din Ahmad2, Adnan Mehmood1, Masood Rabbani1, Amina Mustafa1 and Muhammad Asad Ali1
... characterized probiotic lactobacilli i.e. L. fermentum IKP 23, L. fermentum IKP 111 and L. salivarius IKP 333 on histomorphology of small intestine and D-xylose absorption capacity in broiler challenged with S. enteritidis. Negative control group was not supplemented with probiotics. Positive control groups received only the challenge bacteria (S. enteritidis) ATCC 13076 at day 07. Groups (3, 4 and 5) received probiot...
Ye Ge1, Chunmiao Zhao1, Weitian Xie2, Ying Liu2,* and Chunhou Xu1,*
...ria with lactic acid and lactobacilli and simultaneously producing spores and digestive enzymes, we produced the protoplast as the parent strain of B. subtilis and Rhamnose lactobacillus and analyzed the production rate of spores, the ability to resist high temperature and hereditary stability. The results showed that RH-3 was a perfect protoplast from which 48 strains were obtained through regeneration, with a sporogenic rate of 69.1% and a colo...

Zulaikha Zainool Abidin1, Fahim Hafiy Idris2, Suriya Kumari Ramiah1, Elmutaz Atta Awad1, Zunita Zakaria3,4, Zulkifli Idrus1,2* 

Journal of Animal Health and Production


Vol. 10, Iss. 4, Pages 412-540


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