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Optimization of the Cropping Pattern in District Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan

Optimization of the Cropping Pattern in District Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan

Fazal Haq*, Asia Parveen, Safdar Hussain and Arshad Hussain 

Department of Mathematical Sciences Main Campus, Karakoram International University Gilgi-Baltistan, Gilgit, 15100, Pakistan 


Agriculture sector having full range of activities has a key role in the economic development of any area. The main problem in agriculture is, making decision for optimum selection of activities. Keeping in view such critical issues; this research study is conducted in District Hunza with the aim to explore the most beneficial cropping pattern for the three major crops wheat, potato and alfalfa grown in the study area and to maximize the net profit per year. The research study deals with statistical facts and figures so quantitative method of research is approached. The growers of the major crops were the targeted population and random sampling technique is used to select the sample. Self made questionnaires, filled through interviewed process from the random selected farmers were used as a tool for collecting primary data. The raw data is tabulated and analyzed using Microsoft Excel. The analyzed data is used to develop the mathematical model. Simplex method is applied to find the optimal solution of the model, which showed 10.18% increase in the net revenue per year.  


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Sarhad Journal of Agriculture


Vol. 36, Iss. 4, Pages 1010-1324


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