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Integrated Use of Humic Acid and Gypsum under Saline-Sodic Conditions

Integrated Use of Humic Acid and Gypsum under Saline-Sodic Conditions

Amar Iqbal Saqib1, Khalil Ahmed1*, Abdul Rasul Naseem1, Ghulam Qadir1, Muhammad Qaisar Nawaz1, Muhammad Khalid2, Imtiaz Ahmad Warraich3 and Muhammad Arif

1Soil Salinity Research Institute (SSRI), Pindi Bhattian, Pakistan; 2Soil and Water Testing Laboratory Bhakkar, Pakistan; 3Citrus Research Institute Sargodha, Pakistan; 4Soil and Water Testing Laboratory Layyah, Pakistan.  


Use of inorganic and organic amendments is a very effective approach to enhance crop productivity and restoring the deteriorated properties of salt-affected soils. For addressing this objective, a study was undertaken to investigate the ameliorative effect of humic acid (HA) with gypsum on rice-wheat crops under saline-sodic condition (ECe = 4.71 dS m-1, SAR = 31.82, pHs = 9.10). Different combinations of gypsum and humic acid tested were: T1 - control, T2 - gypsum @ 100 % GR, T3 - gypsum @ 75 % GR+ HA @ 15 kg ha-1, T4 - gypsum @ 75 % GR+ HA @ 30 kg ha-1, T5 - gypsum @ 50 % GR+ HA @ 15 kg ha-1, T6 - gypsum @ 50 % GR+ HA @ 30 kg ha-1. Yield data of each crop was documented at maturity. Results showed that growth and yield attributes increased significantly, and properties of saline-sodic field were ameliorated remarkably by the integrated use of HA and gypsum. The maximum plant height, 1000-grain weight, paddy and grain yield of rice and wheat crops were obtained where the gypsum+ humic acid were used @75 % GR+ HA @ 30 kg ha-1 followed by gypsum @ 100% GR while the chemicals properties of soil (pHs, ECe, SAR) were under the safe limits in both treatments. Gypsum @ 75 % GR+ humic acid @ 30 kg ha-1 reduced the pHs (6.70%), ECe (27.60%) and SAR (54.96%), hydraulic conductivity (9.75%), and bulk density (3.94%) over their initial values. Therefore, it was concluded that integrated use of gypsum @ 75% GR + humic acid @ 30 Kg ha-1 is equally effective as gypsum @ 100 % GR in improving the yield of wheat and rice crops and restoring the deteriorated properties of salt-affected soils. 


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Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research


Vol. 33, Iss. 4, Pages 692-956


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