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Distribution of Wild Mammalian Fauna of Mahaban and Malka Valley District Buner

Distribution of Wild Mammalian Fauna of Mahaban and Malka Valley District Buner

Naveed Akhtar,1,* Riaz Muhammad2, Kausar Saeed2, Muhammad Fiaz Khan1, Muzaffar Shah3, Jehan Zeb2, Shahid Ahmad2, Azam Jan Afridi4 and  Aftab Hussain5

1Department of Zoology, Hazara University, Mansehra
2Department of Zoology, Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan
3Center for animal sciences and fisheries, University of Swat, Swat
4Department of Zoology Islamia College University, Peshawar
5Department of Genetics, Hazara University, Mansehra

*     Corresponding author:



Present study was conducted in October 2015 to October 2016 to explore the mammalian fauna of Mahaban and Malka valley of district Buner, KP. The study area was divided into six different localities namely, Shahkot, Shalhodabuna, Sharra, Hanjar, Hkar gata and Muhammad Baig. During this study 10 different species belonging to 9 families, 5 orders and 10 genera of mammalswere identified. The reported species are Naemorhedus goral, Panthera pardus, Sus scrofa, Lepus nigricollis, Macaca mulatta, Canis aureus, Vulpes vulpes, Myotis myotis, Herpestes edwardsii and Hystrix indica. During the research jackals and fox species were dominant in the area. It is concluded from this study that threats like deforestation, habitat destruction, illegal and over hunting, urbanization and deforestation are possible factors of extinction formammalian fauna in district Buner. The responsible authorities are requested to take action against such problems to ensure the safety of mammalian fauna of Malka and Mahaban valley district Buner.

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Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 54, Iss. 1, Pages 1-501


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