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Yusmarini Yusuf*, Usman Pato*, Shanti Fitriani, Emma Riftyan, Evy Rossi, Diky Arma Fauzi, Ghina Ismadiah, Miftahul Hidayah, Windy Sabiliani

...extend the shelf life of fishballs. This study aimed to study the quality of fishballs using several preservatives following fish standards during early frozen storage. A completely randomized design with four treatments and four replications was used in this experiment to create 16 experimental units. The treatments in this study were the addition of several types of preservatives with different concentrations, namely witho...

Shanti Fitriani*, Usman Pato, Yusmarini Yusuf, Emma Riftyan, Evy Rossi

...teriocin to preserve the fishballs and extend their shelf-life without compromising on quality. In a randomized design, five different concentrations of bacteriocins were used. The treatments in this study were the addition of the bacteriocin concentration, namely B1 (0%), B2 (0.15%), B3 (0.3%), B4 (0.45%), and B5 (0.6%). Samples were stored in a cold environment for different durations, such as 0, 3, 6, 9, and 12 days. Data were analyzed statistically using A...

Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences


Vol. 12, Iss. 7, pp. 1206-1409


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