Moustafa Kardjadj

...ts, sheep, pigs and wild ungulates. Wide prevalence of the disease in Asia and Africa associated with huge economic losses to livestock farming and industry has increased global concern for the disease. Currently, 3 serotypes of FMD virus (O, A and SAT-2) and 06 lineage are circulating in the North Africa, of which serotype O is responsible for most of the outbreaks. However, the rapid spread of SAT2 and other ex...
Yun Wang1,*, Lei Guan1, Jiding Chen1, Yaping Kong1, Lang Si2 and Asif Shah3
...impact of QTH and QTR on ungulates will facilitates locating the route selection parameters for the proposed upcoming expressway. Using the procedures of field investigation along QTH during months of May, August and December in 2014 and 2015, we recorded the occurrence frequency, number of ungulates, and the perpendicular distance between QTH and QTR. To improve the protection mechanism for the four large

 Amna Arshad Bajwa1, Saher Islam1, Muhmmad Imran1, Karman Ashraf2, Arman Khan1, Muhammad Farhan Khan3, Imran Rashid2, Muhammad Yasir Zahoor1Waseem Ahmad Khan4 and Wasim Shehzad1*

... identification of wild ungulates is imperative and critical, particularly for juveniles. Accurate gender determination is important for studying ecology and conservation biology. Therefore, a simple molecular technique, that is precise with non-invasive sampling approaches such as faeces, would be valuable. In the present study a set of molecular markers was developed exploiting the AMLx/y gene to assess gender of Punjab urial population in Kala Bagh, using ...
Zahid Beg Mirza1,*, Naveed Ali Soomro2 and Farwah Shariff1 the abundance of wild ungulates in protected areas such as the Khirthar National Park.  


Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 54, Iss. 1, Pages 1-501


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