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Hassan Naveed1*, Kamran Sohail2, Gul Zamin Khan3 and Yalin Zhang2

...rn Part of Pakistan with redescription of habitus and male genitalia of Parallygus rameshi Viraktamath and Webb, 2012. A worldwide checklist with distribution for species of genus Parallygus Melichar is also provided.

Reshma Sahito1, Nasreen Memon1, Aiman Amur1, Seema Memon1
Shabana Mangi2
...ell in weeds near crops, redescriptions of the genus and species are provided, small-sized stink bugs belonging to order Heteroptera (Tribe Carpocorini). The Carpocoris Pudicus causes a remarkable loss to different crops and weed leaves and seeds i.e., vegetables, tomatoes, peas and crops, wheat, rice, sugarcane and weed seeds. The species is redescribed based on morphological characters, especially color, shape of head, pronotum, scutellum, antennal segments,...

Pakistan Journal of Weed Science Research


Vol.30, Iss. 1, Pages 01-43


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