Dachuan Cheng1,2, Md Mahbubul Hassan3, Zhenhua Ma1, 2, 3,*, Qibin Yang1 and Jian G. Qin3
...ation exists on skeletal ontogeny and anomalies among species of the family Lutjanidae. This study describes the skeletal ontogeny and anomalies of crimson snapper Lutjanus erythropterus larvae and juveniles from hatching to 36 day-post hatching (DPH). Mandible, ceratobranchial, cleithrum and gill arches were the initial skeletal structures appeared at 3 DPH that supported the vital life functions such as feeding and ...
Shengjie Zhou1,2, Pengfei Wang1,2, Chao Zhao1,2, Mingjun Fu3, Jian G. Qin4, Lihua Qiu1, Zhenhua Ma1, 4,* and Maoshang Lin1
...n 18 DPH. Along with the ontogeny of fish larvae, the expression of L-FABP gene was low at hatching, and quickly increased with the increase of fish age from 0 DPH to 4 DPH, and reached the highest level on 12 DPH. The highest expression of L-FABP gene was observed in fish cultured at 29°C on both 12 DPH and 18 DPH (P< 0.05). Nutrition enhancement significantly affected the expression of L-FABP gene, the highest expression wa...
Jing Hu1,2, Yan Liu2,3, Gang Yu1,2, Changping Yang2,3, Binbin Shan2,3, Shengnan Liu2,4 and Dianrong Sun2,3,*
...lumn and caudal skeletal ontogeny in larval A. schlegelii, which provides fundamental information for future artificial breeding and taxonomy of A. schlegelii and other relative species.

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 54, Iss. 5, Pages 2003-2500


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