Muhammad Zulfiqar1*, Muhammad Jamal Khan1, Irshad Khan Abbasi2, Muhammad Tariq2, Jawad Ali3, Melad Karim4 and Rizwan Ahmad1 will result in waning glacier based freshwater availability in future. River Indus fed by glaciers is critical for Pakistan as it is irrigating its 80% of agricultural land. Shigari Kalan watershed is one of the water sheds located in Skardu, Northern Pakistan, which also contributes to River Indus flowing to Pakistan. The aim of instant research is to evaluate the correlation amid temperature and the rate of

Muhammad Zulfiqar1*, Irshad Abbasi2, Himayatullah Khan1, Arjumand Nizami3, Abdul Hakeem4, Jawad Ali3 and Muhammad Jamal Khan

... study was to assess the glaciers/snow water dependence of agriculture activities which have implications for livelihood of the communities. The data collection including flow discharge measurement out of the watershed was regularly measured during September 2015 to November 2015 and March 2016 to September 2016. The results show that during the winter months (November, December, January, February, March and April) flow discharge was relatively low that ranged...

Yasir Ali1,2*, Bashir Ahmad1, Naqeebullah Jogezai3 and Adil Hussain

...collected from different glaciers of Karakorum Range of mountains, Pakistan. Serial dilution and plating approaches were exploited for bacterial isolation and the isolates were qualitatively screened for proteolytic and lipolytic activity with skim milk and Tributyrin agar (TBA plate) assay method. From the collected samples, a total of 20 bacterial isolates (PAK-01 to PAK-20) were exhibiting psychrotrophic physiology. About 8 isolates were capable of proteoly...

Filza Fatima Rizvi1*, Waqar khan2, Syed Mohsin Raza Kazmi3 and Muhammad Umer

Ateeq Ahmad1, Umar Hayat2, Shahid Ali2*, Hazrat Bilal3, Naveed Ali2, Khan Mir Khan4 and Khalid Khan4
Descriptive Analysis of Water Resources in Pakistan: A Perspective of Climate Change
... the future of Himalayan glaciers at risk due to emerging climate change in the region. Pakistan is located in rid region where the issue of water security is forefront problem particularly for agricultural sector. While its use in various sectors like industrial and urban push the country further into water crises. The purpose of present research is to highlight the significance of water resources and shift in rainfall trend in Pakistan focusing on agricultur...

Journal of Innovative Sciences


Vol. 7, Iss. 1, Pages 1-205


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