Xingdong Yang and Lijuan Yuan

..., physiology, intestinal anatomy, and immune system, pig is particularly a suitable animal species for the modeling of human enteric pathogen infections, immune responses and for vaccine evaluations. These are the basis for the successful establishment of the infection and disease models for human rotavirus, human norovirus and human enterovirus 71 using neonatal gnotobiotic pigs. The differences between germ-free and normal animals in the maturation status of...

Xiangxing Zhu1, Junyu Nie1, Shouneng Quan1,2, Huiyan Xu1, Xiaogan Yang1, Yangqing Lu1, Kehuan Lu1 and Shengsheng Lu1*

...milarities in body size, anatomy, life span, CNS structure and neurobiology. Previously, via the somatic cell nuclear transfer technique, we successfully generated transgenic Guangxi Bama mini-pigs carrying a fluorescent protein (DsRed) reporter gene regulated by the 2.2-kb human glial fibrillary acidic protein promoter (hGFAP-DsRed). This study characterized transgene expression in such transgenic Guangxi Bama mini-pigs and their offspring. Our findings indic...
Ayesha Zahid,Ammara Muazzam, Sidra Mustafa, Saba Irshad*,Malik Siddique Mahmood and Rehman Shahzad


...s effect on ion channels anatomy and on the whole, pave ways to the genesis of cataract.

Ashraf Sayed Awaad1 and Mohamed Zaki Fathy2*  

...on in goats based on the anatomy of the lumbosacropelvic region and confirmed by computed tomography (CT) as well as successful application of the needle within the epidural space guided by ultrasonography (US). This study was conducted on seven lumbosacropelvic regions of goat cadavers and five live goats of both sexes ranged between 25-30 kg body weight. Longitudinal and cross anatomical sections were done on these samples; the sections were photographed and...
Neelima Gupta


... demonstrate the surface anatomy of the worm. The worm is slender, elongated and cylindrical. The mouth is slit-like, surrounded by two lateral rows of somatic papillae, cephalic end was conical with 12 labial papillae arranged in two circles of 6 papillae each. Scanning electron microscopy on attachment structures revealed that the inner papillae had narrow bases and spine-like apices, the outer ones had wide bases and nipple like apices encircled by a conspi...

 Mian Azhar Ahmad1†*, Nawab Mohammad Khan2, Asmatullah3

Anatomical variations of hepatobiliary triangle in patients operated laparoscopically for gallbladder diseases from Lahore and Sahiwal
...common cause was unclear anatomy. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy pivots around hepatobiliary triangle. Current study was aimed to assess anatomy of hepatobiliary triangle and its variations in the patients using a laparoscope. It was a descriptive prospective cross-sectional study. Random sampling technique was employed to record the relevant information data. During the course of this study evaluation of 2500 patients, includ...
Salahud Din1,*, Saima Masood1, Hafsa Zaneb1, Habib Ur Rehman2, Saima Ashraf1, Imad Khan3, Muqader Shah4 and Syed Abdul Hadi1
...carried out on the gross anatomy, biometry and radiographic analysis of tarsal bones in twenty specimens of male and female adult chinkara (Gazella bennettii). The tarsus of chinkara comprises of five bones both grossly and radiographically, settled in three transverse rows viz, tibial and fibular tarsal in the proximal, central and fourth fused tarsal in the middle row, while, the first, second and third fused tarsal in the distal row. The fibular tars...

Riaz Hussain Pasha1*, Muhammad Zubair Anjum2, Imran Ullah2, Muhammad Akram Khan3, Adnan Ali4, Saif-Ur-Rehman5, Sana Batool2 and Arslan Emmanuel

Ramazan İlgün1*, Nilgün Kuru2, Ferhan Bölükbaş3 and Fatih Mehmet Gür4
...Thus, in this study, the anatomy and histology of the tongue of the guinea fowl tongue were examined in detail using light and scanning electron microscopy, and the similarities and differences between the tongue of the guinea fowl and the tongue of other poultry species were investigated.
Salahud Din1,*, Saima Masood1, Hafsa Zaneb1, Habib ur Rehman2, Saima Ashraf1, Imad Khan3, Muqader Shah4 and Syed Abdul Hadi1

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 53, Iss. 5, Pages 1603-2000


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