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Biopestides: Innovations and Practices

Publisher: Smith and Franklin Books in Biosciences

Editor(s)/Author(s): Dr. K. Sahayaraj and Dr. P. Selvaraj

Publication date: Sat, 21 Jan 2017

ISBN: 978-1-9164009-1-7

Soft Copy Price: GBP 150.00

Pages: 271

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Soft Copy: £150.00


This book is intended to share scientific knowledge and expertise of/to the community in the field of agriculture, especially relating to biopesticides. The book provides citations and reviews of more than 1000 recent publications in the field of biopesticide research, and recommendations for future areas of new vistas of research in the field of biopesticides. The book also provides methodologies and technologies for isolation and chemical characterization of biomolecules, diagnostic tools for microbes, analytical techniques for phytochemicals and nanomaterials, and protocols for bioassays and field studies. For the better understanding of the readers, this book includes more than 73 tables, 60 figures and 28 colour plates.

The entire book is devided into four sectionss, and chapters in each section highlight a dedicated aspect of agricultural pests/pathogens and biotechnological options for insect pest management viz., entomopathogens, botanical pesticides, natural enemies, bionanomaterials and other IPM components. It also discusses about the impact, advantages, limitations and future prospects of these biotechnological options.

Each chapter is attempted to make as stand-alone document, making it a valuable reference source for Agrarians, field practitioners, biologists, scientists in related fields and agriculture school libraries.


About Editors


K.Sahayaraj, Ph.D. is a Professor (Associate) at the Department of Zoology, St. Xavier’s College of Manonmaniam Sundaranar University and a Director in the Crop Protection Research Centre in the same institution since the June 1998. Over the past 28 years, Dr. Sahayaraj’s research efforts have been dedicated to multidisciplinary, integrated approaches to understanding how reduviids distribute and diversify in various ecosystems, and how their adaptive characters can be applied to pest management, especially through biointensive pest management. Dr. Sahayaraj has over 198 scientific papers and projects published. He is an internationally recognized expert in many areas of advanced entomology including insect chemical ecology, artificial diet formulation, biopesticide formulation, biointensitve integrated pest management, bionanomaterial, and insect molecular biology. He is a regularly sought after and requested lecturer at the majority of science colleges at Tamil Nadu, India. Dr. Sahayaraj organized four international conferences (BIOCICON) and seven more national conferences. Dr. Sahayaraj is the Manageing Editor of the Journal of Biopesticides, Editor for more than 10 reputed journals. Reviewer of more than 15 journals, particularly Entomotropica, journal of Insects, Pest Management Sciences, Pesticide Biochemistry and Phytochemistry, Photobiology B: Biology etc. Recent publications of Dr. Sahayaraj deals with essential oils, seaweeds, reduviid predators, fungi for pest management; culture, bioefficacy and venom biochemistry of reduviid predators; bionanomaterial synthesis, characterization and biological application. He has been honored with several awards from regional (Best Researcher in Science, St. Xavier’s College), national (Scientists of the year–2008, NESA, New Delhi; Young Achievers Award-2010 by SADHNA, Solan; Bharat Seva Ratan Gold Medal Award-2014 by GEPRA, New Delhi; Bharat Seven Rethan Gold Medel by GEPBRA, New Delhi) and international agencies (Hyoshi Environmentalist Award, Japan; YOUNG IOBC travel grant awardee). Dr. Sahayaraj has operated thirteen research projects funded by national (DST, DBT, CSIR, MOEs, MEFs) and international (IFS) funding agencies. He has also received grants on several occasions for conducting farmers’ and students’ training programmes and international conference on Biopesticides and international travel grant from TWAS, CSIR, DST, TNSCST, MES, ICMR, ICAR and UGC. He has guided and supervised 18 Ph.D. scholars and supervising two researchers. He has been regularly transferring the laboratory finding to the neighborhood farmers and offering guidance to them on BIPM. For a better understanding and pursuance by farmers, he brought out 05 manuals/books in his regional language.


Dr. P. Selvaraj, Ph.D. in applied entomology at Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tiruenveli, Tamil Nadu, India (2001-2003). Then he joined as Scientist in Sun Agro Biotech Research Centre, Chennai (2004 to 2008) headed by the eminent Entomologist Dr. Dr. B. Vasantharaj David wherein he undertook research and development activities on biofertilizers and biopesticides including entomopathogens, Azadirachtin formulations, Pheromones based trapping systems etc. and preparation of reports for pesticide registration with CIB, New Delhi. He was also involved in Collaborative research on insect pests and their parasitoids in collaboration with USDA (with three different Research groups viz. Australia, USA and France) and ICIPE, Kenya. During his career he underwent two training programmes at ICIPE, Nairobi, Kenya in 2005 and visited HORDI Sri Lanka as visiting scientist to establishing Mango fruit fly parasitoid research station at HORDI for AFI, ICIPE, Kenya. He was appointed Assistant Professor in the Department of Advanced Zoology and Animal Biotechnology, St. Xavier’s College, Palayamkottai, from May, 2008. So far has 37 research publications including 6 International and 12 National Journals, 3 books chapters and 2 books and 2 training manuals. He is actively involved in organizing seminars/conferences and training programmes for both national and international participants; reviewing articles and publishing books and Journals.