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ResearchersLinks - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Editors:

How to start and what is the procedure for editing a book?
Identify a specific area of your expertise and send your book proposal at You should be sent an “Editor’s Package” to guide a step-by-step publication procedure.

Where from can I find Instructions for Authors?
Instructions for Authors are available at “Author’s Page”. Authors are also requested to consult FAQs for Authors section.

Is there any copyright transfer form?
All authors are required to complete and send the Copyright Transfer Form. This form is included in the Editor’s Package and in Author’s Package.

How to use figures or tables from previous publications?

It is the responsibility of each author to obey the Copyright Projection Act, which prohibits the use of published material without prior permission. Authors and Editors are requested to contact the appropriate agencies/journals for such permissions. Most of reputable journals and books are centrally handled by the Copyright Clearance Center:

Do I need to prepare an index for the book?
Index in the book is an easy way for targeted browsing of the book contents. Though not obligatory, including an Index is recommended. If required, index can be included in the book by the publisher at the formatting stage of book publication process.

As an Editor, do I need to provide Preface and Forward?
“Preface” is brief introduction of the book and describes key features of the book usually provided by the Editor, whereas “Foreword” is an overview of the book to an expert in the field other than the editor or contributor of the book. It is recommended to include both, if possible, to provide readers the motivations and strengths of the book.

Will the Editor/Author design and prove the Book Cover?
The Book Cover is primarily designed and provided by the Formatting Department at the final stage of book publication, however, suggestions from the Editors or Authors are appreciated. It is possible to use figures or graphs from the book and in this case prior permission from authors will be taken.

How important is to meet deadlines?
Meeting deadlines is essential to complete the publication process fairly and smoothly. The most un-settled situation arises when some authors who have submitted their contributions in time and delay occurs due to other authors. To avoid any unfair and contentious scenarios, please adhere to a fixed deadline.

How can I submit contributions especially when their sizes are large?
It is requested that the Editor collect all files associated to a book project and submit at once to us. Detailed description on the formatting the manuscript is provided in “Editor’s Package” and in “Author’s Package”, briefly:

1. Please arrange the manuscripts in the order of their appearance in the book. For example label first chapter as “1. Smith et al. Ebola Virus”, figures as 1. Fig. 1 Smith, 1. Fig. 2 Smith and label table as 1. Table 1 and 1. Table 2. Please don’t abbreviate table.
2. Please prepare and send figures in PDF, TIFF or JPEG highest quality possible (>300 dpi). High-resolution images are key to the quality and visibility of the book. Please communicate to your authors to avoid compression of the files or to reduce the sizes as this may compromise the quality of images.
3. Define one corresponding author per chapter who will take all responsibilities for future correspondence and provide a functional email address.
4. Please provide a short description of the book as Back Cover (roughly 200 words) for marketing and promotion.
5. Please provide the signed Copyright Transfer Forms and Permissions Forms (if applicable for pre-published figures) for each manuscript.

Your can transfer the book project files by one of the following methods:

1. Email. Use DropSend ( free public server by 3 simple steps. 1. Select email and title of the book as subject, 2. Choose File (please ZIP the files first), and 3. Click on “Send Your File”. At the end of file upload, a link will be generated under “Download Link”. Please copy this link and send to us at
2. FTP. Alternatively, you may like to use our dedicated FTP server, in this case please request login credentials (username and password) and instructions.
How would I know that my book files are reached safely?
Upon successful completion of file transfer, you will be notified and would be contacted if any further information were required.

When and if I would get the proof of the book?
Once the formatting process is completed, each chapter will be sent to corresponding authors, identified and provided by the Editor, for galley proof. Editor will be CCed in every email and correspondence with the author. After all authors have provided their corrected proofs, the entire work file will be sent to Editor for final check. At this stage only minor changes (i.e. typographical errors or essential corrections) will be incorporated. Editors/Authors are requested to please incorporate changes are instructed in the instructions and return files within the set deadlines.


FAQs for Authors:

How important are Instructions for Authors?
Properly formatted manuscripts facilitate not only the publication process but also ensure the provision of all required components of the manuscripts. Therefore, it is requested to please adhere to the instructions for authors especially on the style, and format.

Is Copyright Transfer Form essential?
Author of each manuscript must provide a singed Copyright Transfer Form.

I am a government employee and cannot assign copyright?
The Copyright Transfer Form is designed such that you can liaise with the government law and you only transfer the right that is permitted and legitimate.

Will transferring copyright stop me re-using figures or other parts of the contribution?

You can still use the components in your future publications and you don’t need any permission from us.

Is an abstract required for the contributions?
Abstract are essentially required for indexing and abstracting purposes and therefore we encourage authors to include a short abstract in each chapters.

Why I need to provide my email address?
For galley proof and any other correspondence, we require defining a corresponding author for each chapter that will be responsible for communications form manuscript invitation to final publication.

Is author’s affiliation required?
For both identification and logistic reasons, it is required that every author includes affiliations.

How can I submit my manuscript?
All the manuscripts are collected and processed by the Editor. Therefore, please send your contributions along with all supporting information to the editor. It is the editor who will transfer the book project to the publisher.

Who decide the deadline for submission?
The editor and publisher decide the deadline for manuscript submission and authors are requested to please contact editor for any amendments in the decided time frame.

Which file format is acceptable?
At the moment, we only accept the files in Microsoft Office formats which include .doc or .docx files.

Will publisher provide service for language improvement?
Editor will determine the quality and language standards of the book. Therefore, it is recommended to obtain language editing services yourself before submitting your manuscripts especially if English is not your first language.

How long a manuscript can be?
There is no strict manuscript length restrictions, however, it is suggested to have each manuscript (chapter) not more than 50 single lined A4 pages. If you are aiming for longer and comprehensive document you may like to consider publishing it as a separate book.

Is there any limit on figures and tables per manuscript?
You can add as many figures and tables as you wish provided that these add significant to the quality and readability of the manuscripts and is in consensus with the editor of the volume.

Can color pictures be published?
There are no restriction on the number of color images in the online version of the book, however, for the print version the cost has to be liaised between author and the publisher.

What permission do I need to consider republication of figures or tables?

It is advised to only submit the material that is legal and you have taken prior permissions. You can obtain permission from the publisher/journal/society to reuse the contents and any associated cost has to be payable to the authors. In any case, please include the permission form to the files submitted to the book editor. Any infringements in the copyright will be dealt seriously and the author will be responsible for all the consequences.

Will the publisher provide figure adjustment services?

We provide free services to draw, redraw and edit the submitted figures especially the illustrations. However, authors have to submit a request for such edits and must provide detailed instructions to streamline the drawing processes.

Will I be able to proof read the manuscript before publication?
All corresponding author(s) will be sent a full and formatted manuscript file as galley proof via email. Authors are expected to acknowledge the receipt and adhere to the deadline for sending the proofs according to the instructions sent.

Will authors receive final PDF file?
Corresponding author of each manuscript will be sent a copy of final file under the contract that “This is a personal copy and authors are legally bound to not to disseminate to any one else”.

Will author get any benefit?

All authors will be entitled to a 15% discount on the book.