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ResearchersLinks - Order Books

If you are interested in buying books, please use one of the following options or contact us at
Online: For online shopping, go to the home page of the book and click on the "View Details". Choose the option, either soft copy, hard copy or both, by clicking on "BUY" tab. Verify the amount and click on "CheckOut". This will lead you to the PayPal or by Credit Card payment options. If you would come across any issue contact us at
Invoice: At the home page of the book, click on "Request Invoice" and fill a short online form to request an invoice. We will contact you with the requested information within 24 hours.
Book Store: You can order books from Amazon. For this purpose go again to the home page of the book and click on "Buy from Amazon" and follow the instructions to purchase books from Amazon with your existing accounts or by registering as new users.