Javeria1, Masroor Ellahi Babar2,*, Tanveer Hussain2, Rashid Saif2, Sadaf Rashid3, Hanan Sarfraz4, Abbas Ali Shah3, Muhammad Wasim1 and Muhammad Abdullah1
...is polymorphism. Healthy siblings of the carrier individuals and control group were screened and found as negative for this polymorphism. In-silico analysis through mutation taster, exon splicing enhancer and polyphin2 software predicted this polymorphism as a site broken and possibly damaging. These findings suggest that BDNF polymorphism Val66Met has some possible role in OCD development in Punjabi patients.
...eding pair and a pair of siblings that was correlated with group of the same composition at Safari zoo Lahore. The frequency of different behavior patterns displayed by these lions was studied at both study sites for three hours once a week by instantaneous sampling method for 16 weeks, from 18th April to 8th July in 2014. The frequency of stereotypic behavior including auto mutilation, refusal of food stuff, feces licking, unnatural aggr...

Durr-e- Samin Tahir*, Waqar Nasir, Sarah Bushra, Fatima Batool

Height trends in the population of Rabwah, district Chiniot, Pakistan and comparison with WHO standards
...ights of the parents and siblings up to 25 are also recorded for further analysis. The R- Programming and
smoothing spline technique were applied to analyze the height trends of the collected data. The average height of
male adults is found to be 172cm (67.71" ± 3.98) and for females it is159 cm (62.55" ± 3.06).Comparison of male and
female height trend indicates that growth rate is almost the same up to 13 years, b...
Jian Yang1, Guangxiang Tong2, Zhipeng Sun2, Xianhu Zheng2, Weihua Lv2, Dingchen Cao2, Xiaowen Sun2 and Youyi Kuang2*
...ed to the wild-type (WT) siblings, the mutants showed no significant differences in the 5 gene expressions. Among different development stages, the expression levels and patterns of the 5 genes in the mutants were similar to that of WT zebrafish in both embryonic and post-embryonic development stages. Furthermore, the results of histological analyses of the muscle fiber showed that there were no significant differences in muscle fiber density between imbs muta...

 Muhammad Ajmal1, Saima Mustafa1, Fizza Ibrahim Bajwa1, Cheng Zhou2, Guangdong Wen2, Soe Lwin Myint2, Syed Irfan Raza3, Ihtasham Bukhari4, Mubashir Hassan5, Muhammad Faisal6 and Furhan Iqbal1*

...akistan) having multiple siblings suffering from alopecia. The aim of this study was to find out the genetic mutation(s) in hairless (HR) gene, if any, in the enrolled subjects. A questionnaire was filled for each subject on the sampling site in order to collect epidemiological data associated with the disease. Patients from both families exhibited congenital atrichia with papular lesions (APL) including hair loss in the scalp, pubic and other body part...

Riffat Sultana1*, Samiullah Soomro1 and Chuan Ma2

...sts. In past many of its sibling species were misidentified on morphological examination. However, DNA-based species assignments has now made it possible to overcome this barrier. In this study we present CO1 gene data set on the 6 species of Chrotogonus i.e. Chrotogonus (Chrotogonus) homalodemus homalodemus (Blanchard, 1836) with two forms: long winged form and short winged form, C. (Chrotogonus) homalodemus (Blanchard, 1836), C. (Chrotogonus) trachypterus tr...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 54, Iss. 4, Pages 1501-2001


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