M. Abdus Salam1, M. Moynul Haque2, Md. Obaidul Islam3, M. Nasir Uddin4 and Md. Nazmul Haque3*

Raza Ullah1*, Qaisar Shah Safi2, Ghaffar Ali3 and Irfan Ullah

...d methods of harvesting, packaging, storage and processing. There are various middlemen (market intermediaries) involved at different stages in the marketing of citrus. This study is an attempt to examine the marketing margins of the intermediaries involve in the value chain of sweet oranges of citrus group. Three villages in Bunir district are randomly selected and a total of 120 sampled respondents are selected using proportional allocation method. The findi...

 Muhammad Shahzad*, Akhter Ali**, Abdul Hayee Qureshi**, Naveed Jehan*, Imran Ullah* and Majid Khan*

...oor grading, low-quality packaging materials and poor infrastructure. Total post harvest losses in the marketing channel of the plum were 21.51% of which 5.12% occurred at farm level, 1.44% at wholesale level, 6.31% at retail level, and 8.64% at the consumer level. Harvesting at proper maturity, using experienced labor and storage facility can reduce extent of post harvest losses of plum.


 Muhammad Shahzad*, Ayesha Tahir**, Naveed Jehan*** and Muhammad Luqman*

...ses. Effect of different packaging materials on the texture of fruits also varies for their post-harvest losses. The present study was conducted to evaluate the effect of wooden and cardboard box technologies on post-harvest losses of plum through its marketing channel. Primary data was collected through pre tested questionnaires by proportionate random sampling procedure. Quantitative losses were estimated through percentage method while partial losses were e...

Asfand Raheel1, Syed Zulfiqar Ali2, Muhammad Waris2, Muhammad Basharat2, Basheer Ahmed2, Muhammad Arshad Ullah3, Syed Ishtiaq Hyder4 and Taqi Raza4*

...odels. Additionally, new packaging materials have been introduced to avoid mechanical injuries and decline the chances of contamination, bruises and decays. Postharvest treatments includes biological agents, fungicides, herbal and natural products, edible coatings and heat treatments can be efficaciously applied in a vast and specific commodity range to prevent great losses.


Nazeer Ahmed Lashari1*, Saghir Ahmed Sheikh2, Aijaz Hussain Soomro2 and ShamsuddinTunio3

...akistan along with their packaging effects and storage circumstances. Study was carried out at Sindh Agriculture University Tando Jam at IFST, Pakistan. White rice was produced by dehulling the paddy through stake Sheller, the samples were dried at 25±2 °C for 24 hours and kept in cotton, gunny & nylon bags and stored for the period of one year at 20 ± 1°C in cold storage room. The current findings indicates that the maximum moisture ...
Dia Mamadou1,2*, Meissa Beyah1, Sow Amadou Harouna1, Ba Samba Alassane1, Bouzouma Moustapha1, Braham Cheikh Baye1 and Beibou Ely1
...ime of their sorting and packaging. A total of 31770 individuals were measured and weighed; their level of maturity and moulting state were noted. This deep-sea species, reproduces all year round with a period of intense reproduction between August and December. The size of the smallest mature female mature female encountered during this period of experimentation (February 2015 to June 2018) is 213.5 mm TL. Moulting individuals appear from June onwards. The as...

Esraa Yosry Abdel Halim1, Hamdy El-Essawy1, Abeer Abdel Nasser Awad1, Mona S. El-Kutry2, Lamiaa Ibrahim Ahmed1* 

...lfilled during handling, packaging, storage and distribution.

Keywords | Milk powder, Labneh, Cheddar cheese, Microbial examination, Sensory characteristics, E. coli 

Warkoyo Warkoyo1*, Devi Dwi Siskawardani1, Anggit Ayu Pradana Siwi1, Moch. Wachid1, Ivar Zekker2 and Jumpen Onthong3
...mal;">Biodegradable food packaging is important to be expanded to reduce the increasing waste in the world. An edible film based on lesser yam (Dioscorea esculenta L. Burkill) has the potential to be innovated and expanded, which contained starch yield up to 21.4 %. Several starch properties obstruct edible film characteristics. It cannot tolerate acid and high temperature, which produces suspension with inconsistently gel-forming, syneresis probability...

Asmaa Sh. Fayed1*, Safaa M. Abo El-Soud2 

...ustry moves toward clean packaging, the replacement of synthetic preservatives with natural food additives has become more widely practiced. It was investigated the effects of the 2% and the 4% gallic acid/ zein wax film as an antioxidant and antimicrobial food packaging material, focusing on the quality, shelf life, and antioxidant properties of veal meat chunks during refrigerated storage. After coating meat samples, we an...
Bambang Yudi Ariadi1*, Rahayu Relawati1, Barbara Szymoniuk2 and Waris Ali Khan3
...roducts by improving the packaging of organic vegetables with informative labels to increase consumer trust in organic vegetables.

Marwa Ragab Saeed Abdallah, Hussein Mohamed Hussein Mohamed, Mohamed Mohamed Talaat Emara, Mai Atef Mohamed

...either aerobic or vacuum packaging. Pastirma was produced, sliced, and then allocated to four groups; the first group was aerobically packed and used as control, the second group was vacuum packed, while the third and fourth groups were coated with WPI/BW then packed in either polyethylene or vacuum bags. All groups were stored at 5 °C until the signs of unacceptability were noticed. The results showed that WPI/BW coated pastirma stored under vacuum

Mahreen Hanif*, Shafqat Saeed, Mudssar Ali, Muqadas Younas, Huda Bilal, Syeda Fatima Bukhari

...ty of different types of packaging viz., polypropylene (green), polypropylene (white), polyethylene (gauge1), polyethylene (gauge 2), cotton, polymer, and china lamination were investigated in storage bag of chickpea against Tribolium castaneum (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) during the controlled condition. Adults of T. castaneum was released on all packaging to evaluate its damage in packaging

Journal of Innovative Sciences


Vol. 7, Iss. 2, Pages 206-317


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