Xiaona Cao1,3-5, Yuanyuan Ren2-5, Xiaoteng Cui2-5, Baoxin Qian2-5, Chunyan Zhao 2-5, Jie Yang2-5, Chao Su2-5,* and Xingjie Gao2-5,*
...lasm localization during arsenite induced-oxidative stress. Increased hnRNP A1 fluorescence signal within cytoplasm was detected from 3% of normal cells to the 28% of stressed cells; in contrast, 87% of cells with strong hnRNP A1 signal within nucleus reduced to 50% during stress. In addition, transport receptor importin-β pathway seems to be involved in the nuclear import of hnRNP A1, rather than HuR and TIA1. However, the slightly enhanced cytopl...
Ayesha Noreen1, Amina Elahi1, Dilara Abbas Bukhari2 and Abdul Rehman1*


...="font-size: small;">The arsenite resistant Bacillus cereus 3.1S, isolated from pesticide industry effluent, showed maximum growth at pH 7 at 37 °C in LB medium after 24 h of incubation. The strain tolerated As3+ up to 40 mM and also showed resistance against Pb2+ (8mM), Cd2+ (6mM), Cr6+ (6mM), and Cu2+ (10mM). The arsenite oxidase is responsible for the conve...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 52, Iss. 5, Pages 1631-2026


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