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Science, Religion and Culture-Author Guidelines

Ethical Guidelines and General Information

Blinded Review: ResearchersLinks believes in a fair and rigorous review process. Therefore, all submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by at least two experts in the appropriate field, determined by the Editor-in-Chief of each journal. The names of the reviewers will not be displayed on the manuscript and will not be disclosed to any authors.

Appeal of Decision: Authors have the right to appeal the Editor's decision in writing to the Editorial Office stating the reasons for appealing the decision with evidence and supporting data.

Permissions: In case any part (e.g. table or figure) of the submitted manuscript has been taken from previously published work, it is the responsibility of the authors to obtain permission either from the publishers or from the authors depending on copyright ownership. Smith and Franklin Academic Publishing Corporation can demand this permission anytime, pre- or post-publication.

Plagiarism Policy: The Editorial Office will strictly monitor text plagiarism and obvious fraudulent data prior to the review process and if plagiarism is detected at this stage or later, the manuscript will be rejected and will not be reconsidered in any journal published, independently or in association with ResearchersLinks, Ltd, UK.

Book Reviews:

Science, Religion and Culture (SRC) welcomes books from publishers and authors to be considered for review. While SRC will attempt to find suitable reviewers for all submissions, it cannot guarantee that all books received will be reviewed. SRC is also not capable of returning books once they are submitted.

Books should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief:

Dr. Gregg D. Caruso
Humanities Department
Corning Community College
1 Academic Drive
Corning, NY 14830

Authors wishing to review books for SRC may contact the Editor-in-Chief ( for a full list of available books.


Only electronic files in Word format (.doc, docx) can be submitted to Science, Religion and Culture. Submission shall only be made by one of the authors, main or co-author, who should take the responsibility for all correspondence throughout the submission and review process.

Submit your manuscript through the eSubmit system (left side of this page). For any technical issues during submission please contact us at

Terms of Submission:

While submitting your manuscripts you must ensure that:

• The manuscript is not being considered elsewhere for publication.
• All authors have approved the publication of this manuscript.
• The relevant institution has approved the submission, if required.
• The authors permit editing of the paper for readability.

Types of manuscript:

Please feel free to arrange manuscript text in the most suitable format (Free Format). All recognised types of manuscript (e.g. commentary, analysis, hypothesis, research etc.) are acceptable.

Formatting of the manuscript:

Cover Page (as a separate document)

• Title of the manuscript
• Full names of author(s)
• Full institutional mailing addresses
• Email address(es), telephone and fax number of corresponding author(s)

Prepare Your Submission for Blind Review:

Before you submit your document, please make sure you have removed all identifying material in the main manuscript file. Failure to do so may result in the rejection or non-blind review of your submission.

• Remove any identifying information from the title of the document.
• Remove any identifying information from the body of the document.
• Remove any personal references.
• Please review your document carefully before final submission.


The manuscript should contain an abstract. Abstracts shall not contain any references and should clearly and accurately summarize the main focus of the paper. The word count should be under 250 words.


All acknowledgments (if any) should be included in the manuscript before the Reference section and may include supporting grants etc.


SRC uses parenthetical citation. References made within the body of the text should adhere to the following format:

Single Author:

"The chicken came before the egg" (Smith 2001, 27-28). [Direct quote with page numbers]
The chicken came before the egg (Smith 2001). [No direct quote]
Smith theorizes that the chicken came before the egg (2001).

2 authors:

"The chicken came before the egg" (Smith and Franklin 2001, 54).
Smith and Jones (2001) also discovered that the chicken crossed the road.

3-5 authors:

The chicken came before the egg (Smith, Franklin, and Jones 2001).
Smith et al. (2001) also discovered that the chicken crossed the road.

6+ authors:

The chicken came before the egg (Smith et al. 2001).
Smith et al. (2001) also discovered that the chicken crossed the road.

All references should be arranged alphabetically in a Reference List and placed at the end of the paper. References should be formatted in following style.


Adams, Marilyn McCord. 1975. Hell and the God of justice. Religious Studies 11 (1): 433-47.

Bargh, John, Shelly Chaiken, Rajen Govender, and Felicia Pratto. 1992. The generality of the automatic attitude activation effect. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 62: 893-912.


Caruso, Gregg. 2002. Science and religion: 5 questions. New York: Automatic Press.

Mandler, George. 1972. Mind and emotion. New York: Wiley.

PhD thesis

Author, John. 2003. Thesis title with lower case initials to all words. PhD thesis, University, Town, Country.

Web Page

Global Alliance for Research on Avian Diseases. 2014. Partners Available at: (accessed 7 Jan 2014).

Display Headings

Please use no more than three levels of display headings. If you are using only one level of headings, there is no need to number your sections.

Level 1 Headings
Flush Left, Boldface, Uppercase and Lowercase

If you wish to use two or three levels of headings, please flush left, number as below, boldface, and use upper and lowercase.

1 Section Title
1.1 Subsection Title
1.1.1 Sub-Subsection Title

Preparation of Figures:

Figures should be submitted in separate files and should be uploaded to the online submission system (eSubmit) along with the manuscript. All figures should be cited in the paper in consecutive order. Figures should be supplied in .jpg or jpeg formats.

Preparation of Tables:

Tables should be submitted in separate files and should be uploaded to the online submission system (eSubmit) along with the manuscript. Tables should be cited consecutively in the text and should not be abbreviated.


The formatted galley proof will be sent to corresponding authors only and should be returned within 2-3 days of receipt. It is the responsibility of the corresponding authors to consult the other authors for corrections and proof reading.


Open Access authors retain the copyrights of their papers, and all open access articles are distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided that the original work is properly cited. Please consult the bottom of each page of the ResearchersLinks website for detail.

Science, Religion and Culture


Vol. 5, Sp. Iss. 1 Pages 1-82


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