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Replies by John Martin Fischer

Replies by John Martin Fischer

John Martin Fischer

University of California, Riverside




I am very grateful for the extremely thoughtful and generous essay by Meghan Griffith. She raises various important issues, which are worth thinking seriously about, but I want to focus on what I take to be her main point. Griffith agrees with me that it is plausible that God’s foreknowledge is incompatible with human freedom to do otherwise. She also agrees with me that this still leaves the question of whether God’s foreknowledge rules out acting freely (and moral responsibility). I defend semicompatibilism about God’s foreknowledge and moral responsibility; thus I hold that acting freely and moral responsibility are compatible with God’s foreknowledge, even if God’s foreknowledge rules out freedom to do otherwise.

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Science, Religion and Culture


Vol. 4, Sp. Iss. 2 Pages 1-101

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