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Bootstrapping Divine Foreknowledge? Comments on Fischer

Bootstrapping Divine Foreknowledge? Comments on Fischer

Alan R. Rhoda

Christian Theological Seminary




John Martin Fischer’s work has long been at the forefront of discussions on divine foreknowledge and human freedom. I have a great deal of respect for his work in this area and have learned much from him, so it’s an honor to have been invited to comment on his recently published collection of essays on this topic (Fischer 2016). Given my space limitations and time constraints, I have decided to focus my comments on what he dubs the “Bootstrapping View” in section V of the volume’s introductory essay. The view is a novel proposal for how God might be able to have infallible foreknowledge of the occurrences of causally indeterministic events.

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Science, Religion and Culture


Vol. 4, Sp. Iss. 2 Pages 1-101

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