Fig. 6.

Cluster analysis results on annual (An.) prey items’ composition for (A) collared owlet (n = 11), (B) spotted owlet (n = 8), and (C) eurasian eagle owl (n = 12), where proportional values of % N, % B and % F were used as quantitative characteristics for each prey item (Bb, Bandicota bengalensis; Co, Coleoptera; Ge, Golunda ellioti; He, Hemiptera; Hj, Herpestes javanicus; Ln, Lepus nigricollis; Ms, Mus musculus; Ni, Nesokia indica; Or, Orthoptera; Pd, Passer domesticus; Rr, Rattus rattus; Sc, scorpion; Se, Suncus etruscus; Sm, Suncus murinus; Ti, Tatera indica).