KM Fakhrul-Islam, Mohammad Shah Jalal, Sonnet Poddr, Md Nurul Quader, Md Sahidur-Rahman, Avijit Dutta and Shuvo Mazumder

...ffalo, sheep, goats, and wild animals around the globe. This highly contagious disease causes severe economic loss due to reduced productivity of the affected animals as well as increased mortality in calves and kids. In this study proportionate prevalence of FMD in cattle was estimated and the distribution of FMD according to different factors was evaluated. Both retrospective and prospective FMD clinical cases were included considering clinical signs and dru...
Falah Baiee1,3, Wahid Haron1,*, Rosnina Yusoff1, Ariff Omar,2 Nurhusien Yimer1, Salman Hammadi1, Tarig Ahmedeltayeb1, Asmatullah Kaka4
...mals, in particular, the wild animals.

John Ogunsola1*, Richard E. Antia2, Benjamin O. Emikpe2 and Olajumoke A. Morenikeji

...ctices are put in place, wild animals in captivity can be successfully bred; thus, offering captive breeding as a veritable tool for conservation. 


 Honghai Zhang1,*, Yao Chen1, Xiaoyang Wu1, Shuai Shang2, Jun Chen2, Jiakuo Yan1, Qinguo Wei1, Xibao Wang1, Yongqiang Lu3 and Huanxin Zhang2

Maria Syafiqah Ghazali1, Azlan Che’ Amat2 and Nor Azlina Abdul Aziz1*
...size: small;">In nature, wild animals live in an enormous space and usually have very low genetic resistance against parasitic infection mainly due to low exposure towards the parasites themselves. However, when herds of these wild animals are kept in captivity, or in zoological gardens, parasitic infections might be worse and pose a serious threat to endangered species. The present study was conducted to observe the occurre...
Fuhua Zhang, Yishuang Yu and Shibao Wu*
...t of captive breeding of wild animals, as accurate pregnancy diagnosis can improve the reproductive efficiency of captive animals. Pangolins do not show obvious morphological changes during pregnancy, which increases the difficulty of pregnancy diagnosis. In this study, pregnancies were diagnosed using B-ultrasonography in three Sunda pangolins (MJ-X2, MJ-X3, and MJ-X4) that had mated with males. B-ultrasonography revealed embryos in pangolins MJ-X2 and MJ-X3,...
Ayse Haligur* and Sema Ozkadif
...d. These animals feed as wild animals and off the waste of people, thus having a close association with people. Anatomical knowledge of the red fox is very poor and we aimed to investigate the branches of the plexus brachialis in the red fox. We used six male red foxes that were died in traffic accidents. The right plexus brachialis was formed by the cervical spine nerves, C6, C7, and C8, and the thoracic spine nerve, T1 of the rami ventralis in four animals, ...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 53, Iss. 5, Pages 1603-2000


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