Muhammad Mudassar Maqbool1, Anser Ali1, 2 *, Tanveer ul Haq1, Muhammad Nasir Majeed1, Dong Jin Lee2


... a significant impact on wheat growth as compared with other growth stage stresses. Regarding genotypes, Faisal-2008 was least affected by water stress than other varieties.



Kamran A. Awan1, Jawad Ali2 and Mohammad Akmal3

...perature has to rise for wheat growth in Pakistan. Wheat crop is planted on more than 52% area as rainfed crop in the providence Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa (KP). The study, therefore, aims to plant wheat in season from early to late i.e. November 15 to December 25 with about 10 days intervals. Field experiment was conducted at Agronomy Research Farm, the University of Agriculture Peshawar in winter season 2015-16. Experiment was in a randomized complete block design,...

Muhammad Asad1, Safdar Ali1, Muhammad Ramzan Ansar2, Ijaz Ahmad3*, Muhammad Suhaib4 and Muhammad Khubaib Abuzar5 

 Badaruddin Khokhar*, Imtiaz Hussain** and Zafar Khokhar*

...irrigations at different wheat growth stages resulted in higher spike length, higher number of grains and wheat grain yield. Wheat variety Abadgar–93 and V–7004, had taller plants in comparison with cultivars NARC–9 and V–7004 however, wheat grain yield was not affected significantly among different cultivars.


 Azhar Usman Ali*, Ghulam Sarwar*, Muhammad Aftab* and Sher Muhammad**

... the effect of copper on wheat growth and soil composition through its soil and foliar application. For -1 this purpose, non-saline non-sodic soil (pH = 8.10, EC = 0.85 dS m , SAR = 4.60, saturation percentage = 29 % and sandy clay loam) was collected, brought to -1 green house and filled in the pots @ 6.5 kg pot . All these pots were irrigated to achieve uniform soil column. This experiment comprised 5 treatments viz., -1 -1 control, soil application of coppe...

Aisha Siddiqua1*, Munir Ahmad1 and Nusrat Habib2 

...y requirement to sustain wheat growth in Pakistan in future. Farmers are expected to receive significant positive benefits from the adaptation of the combination of strategies. Farmer’s adaptive capacity, farm size, access to credit and sources of information on climate change are significant drivers of adaptation to climate change. 


Saqib Bashir* and Bashir Ahmad 

... significantly increased wheat growth, yield and yield components. In case of green manuring, plots in which pigeon pea crop was incorporated at the age of 90 days showed maximum plant height (103.3 cm), thousand grains weight (45.2 g), biological yield (10199 kg ha-1) and grain yield (3641 kg ha-1) of wheat. The application of nitrogen at the rate of 120 kg N ha-1 significantly increased plant height (102.5 cm), thousand grains weight (43.8 g), biological yie...

Noor-us-Sabah1*, Mukkram Ali Tahir1, Ghulam Sarwar1 and Sher Muhammad

Malik Muhammad Yousaf1, Muhammad Mohsin Raza1*, Mumtaz Hussain1, Muhammad Jahangir Shah1, Bashir Ahmad1, Rao Wali Muhammad1, Sami Ullah2, Adeel Abbas3, Ijaz Ahmed4 and Muhammad Zeshan5

Effect of Balance Use of Fertilizers on Performance of Wheat Under Arid Climatic Condition and micronutrients on wheat growth and productivity. The experiment comprised of 10 treatments. The results showed that compared with control, addition of nutrients significantly increased plant height and the highest plant height (86.5 cm) was observed at 86:58:62.5 kg NPK/ha treatment. Maximum tillers/plant (3.1), spikelet’s/plant (2.9), and spike length (8.9 cm) was found in 86-58-62.5-3 kg NPK + Zn/ha treatment. Furthermore, highest grains/spike (...

Mushtaq Ahmad Khan*, Abdul Basir and Beena Saeed

Biochar Improves Phenological and Physiological Attributes of Wheat in Soil Amended with Organic and Inorganic Nitrogen Sources
...tion positively enhanced wheat growth and development.


Ijaz Ahmad* and Bakhtiar Gul

...ults showed that all the wheat growth parameters were significantly affected by the weeds competition in both the studied years. The maximum wheat plant height (38.1 and 39.4) was recorded in wheat, having no weeds competition during the year 2018 and 2019 respectively. Whereas, the minimum plant height (cm) 30.4 and 31.9 was recorded in wheat infested with Avena fatua and Silybum marianum. Due to the large leaf canopy of S. marianum, it is not possible for ot...

Muhammad Waryam Warraich1, Mukkram Ali Tahir1, Noor-us-Sabah1*, Ghulam Sarwar1, Muhammad Aftab2, Fakhar Mujeeb3, Muhammad Zeeshan Maznoor1, Aneela Riaz4 and Sarfraz Hussain2

...izers (MOP & SOP) on wheat growth and potassium availability in soil. Carbon sequestering fertilizers were applied @ 0% (Control), 0.5 & 1% of soil weight along with recommended rated of commercial K fertilizers. After the crop was harvested, soil sampling was carried out followed by analysis in the laboratory. It was observed that use of press mud @ Yield 1 % in integration with SOP as chemical K fertilizer performed as best treatment by improving yie...

Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research


Vol. 34, Iss. 4, Pages 672-912


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