Amtul Jamil Sami1*, Madeeha Khalid1, Sara Iqbal1, Maira Afzal1 and A.R. Shakoori2

... be used for sustainable waste water treatment as a coagulant-flocculent due to its ability to coagulate various ionic substances such as metal ions as well as dyes. In the current study novel polymer composites were prepared using natural polymers chitosan and starch in molds. Structure of composites was analyzed using scanning electron microscopy. The physical parameters such as weight and swelling degree of composite were studied. Chitosan starch based comp...

Zaffar Malik, Moazzam Jamil, Ghulam Hassan Abassi, Muhammmad Nafees, Muhammad Rafey and Muhammad Kamran

...woodchips biochar (WCB), waste water sludge biochar (WSB). The physical and mechanical parameters of vertic soil like soil consistency limits like plastic limit (PL), liquid limit (LL) and plasticity index (PI), tensile strength (TS), shear strength (cohesion (C) and angle of friction (φ)) were studied. Results showed that amendments had improved soil physico-mechanical properties. No specific trends were observed for consistency limit, however, PI decreas...

Idowu Fagbamila1*, Adaobi Okeke2, Micheal Dashen2, Patricia Lar2, Sati Ngulukun1, Benshak Audu1, David Ehizibolo1, Paul Ankeli1, Pam Luka1, Maryam Muhammad1

 Maryum Fakhar, Iqra Jabbar, Anjum Nasim Sabri*

urification of waste waters and treating contaminated soils.


Safina Naz1, Muhammad Akbar Anjum1, Saeed Akhtar2, Syed Atif Hasan Naqvi3* and Muhammad Asif Zulfiqar

...prolonged irrigated by f waste water are a reason of accumulation of heavy metals leads to the production of contaminated food which exerts serious health risks to the humans. In the present study, edible portions of five vegetables viz., okra, tomato, spinach, carrot and cauliflower, grown with canal, tubewell and sewage irrigation water, were assessed for their proximate (moisture, ash, protein and fiber) and heavy metal (Pb, Ni, Cu, Cd, Fe and Cr) contents....

Muhammad Babar Khawar, Nadeem Sheikh*

Effect of paper industry leachate on various serological indices and serum proteins of wistar rats
...e globe. The toxicity of waste water (leachate) resulting from paper processing has become a serious issue now a day. So, current research was aimed to assess various toxic aspects of pulp and paper industry waste water. Study design involved the division of Wistar ratsof about 245±5g in three groups (n=5) viz, Control group (4ml/ kg normal saline), Group 1 (4ml/ kg leachate) and Group 2 (4ml/ kg 1:10 diluted leachate...
Dur-E-Shahwar1,2, Riaz Ahmad Sheikh1, Nazia Jamil2*
...roduced water is a major waste water stream of petroleum industry which is produced during petroleum extraction from subsurface in which hydrocarbons are found as a main environmental pollutant. Present study is focused on production of biosurfactants from indigenous bacteria, isolated from produced water and produced water contaminated soil samples collected from three selected sites of Eastern Potwar, Punjab, Pakistan. Forty seven bacteria were isolated out ...

Amer Mumtaz2*, Muhammad Suhail Ibrahim1, Nouman Rashid Siddiqui2, Muhammad Naeem Safdar2, Masooma Munir2, Aqsa Qayyum2, Sahar Shibli2 and Muhammad Khalid Ibrahim3 

...e juice industry, water, waste water treatment, starch modification and removal of food allergens from food. 


Nazish Huma Khan1, Mohammad Nafees1, Adila Bashir1, Farooq Ahmad1 

...peration and sampled for waste water. Total 7 waste water samples were collected from selected
points of Paper mills, Industrial drain and Sundry plants. Samples were analyzed for various physicochemical characteristics (colour, pH, EC, Alkalinity, Turbidity, TDS, TSS, COD and BOD5) by adopting standard methods for the
examination of water and waste water. These samples were ...

Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences


Vol. 39, Iss. 1, pp. 01-126


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