Pan Hong, Ruonan Li, Yumeng Li, Hainan Lan* and Xin Zheng*
... the internalization and subcellular localization of porcine growth hormone (pGH), and the results showed that pGH could be internalized into porcine hepatocytes in a time-dependent manner. The results also showed that pGH could be translocated into cell nuclei in a time-dependent manner. In addition, the subcellular localization, according to immunoelectron microscopy, showed that pGH was localized in cytoplasmic organelles...
Bin Wang1, 2, Qianji Ning1,*, Qian Wang2, Wei Peng2, Tong Hao2,*and Jinsheng Sun2,*
...interaction network, the subcellular localization of 12 proteins was obtained. Half of these proteins located on the cell membrane, indicating the close relationship between molting process and the changes of membrane. The results of this work provide a theoretical basis of the further elucidation of the molting mechanism for E. sinensis.
Yanhong Hu* and Linkai Cui
...iosynthetic pathway. The subcellular localization of FARs is crucial for understanding the process of synthesis and transport of wax to the surface of body. In this study, we characterized the subcellular localization of EpFAR from the scale insect Ericerus pela using an immunofluorescence assay of the insect cells and a bioinformatics analysis. The result of immunofluorescence assay showed EpFAR to be localized to th...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 54, Iss. 1, Pages 1-501


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