Halide Nihal Açikgöz1*, Serdal Kenan Köse2 and Ali Açikgöz3



Haji Muhammad, Zafar Iqbal* and Saira Saleemi

...he River was quite rich (species richness, 70) and diverse, (Shannon’s index=3.66), (Simpson-D=0.96), Evenness was also high (Evenness (H/S) =0.55) and Chao-1 (70.75). The Quadrate diversity Indices were applied to the data and Bootstrap replicates mean values of the following indices were recorded as Chao 2 (70.8), Jackknife 1 (72.9), Jackknife 2 (71.9) and Bootstrap (70.17). The study further indicated that the population of many endemic and commercial...

Wang Tian1, Huayong Zhang1,*, Jian Zhang2, Lei Zhao1, Mingsheng Miao3 and Hai Huang1

...espectively. Zooplankton species richness changed slightly in the four seasons but varied a lot in different positions. Protozoa was absolutely dominated in zooplankton abundance and its mean value ranged from 2710.2 ind./L in winter to 4259.5 ind./L in spring. Annual average biomasses of protozoa, rotifera, cladocera and copepods were 0.13 mg/L, 0.11 mg/L, 0.63 mg/L and 0.34 mg/L, respectively. The lowest values of zooplankton species...
Kanwer Shahzad Ahmed1, Muhammad Zeeshan Majeed1,*, Muhammad Ather Rafi2, Fatima Sellami3 and Muhammad Afzal1
..., Pakistan to assess the species richness and distribution of coccinellid beetles in seven selected regions (Bhera, Bhalwal, Kot Momin, Sahiwal, Sargodha, Shahpur and Silanwali). A total of 1,470 coccinellid specimens were collected from all types of vegetation and were identified up to species level by means of external morphology, published descriptions and male genitalia micrometry. Nine species were identified belonging to 9 genera and 4 subfamilies occurr...

Attaullah Ansari* and Nasreen Memon 

...average population size, species richness, evenness and diversity index were also calculated. The highest and lowest degrees of population size, richness and evenness and diversity were recorded in agriculture crops and fodder crops, respectively. 


 Aly Khan* and S. Shahid Shaukat**

...west in Ali Dasht, while species richness (d’) component was highest in Alat. The soils associated with Pomegranate orchards were coarse-structured, alkaline with low maximum water holding capacity. In most cases similarities were low between localities.

Abderraouf Chouaib Rebbah1, Mohcen Menaa2,*, Salah Telailia3,Menouar Saheb1 and Mohamed Cherif Maazi2
...vifauna. Bird abundance, species richness and species diversity were significantly higher in pure pine woodlands than in mixed oak-pine and oak forests. According to PERMANOVA and ANOSIM tests, and the NMDS plot, the avian assemblages of Sidi Reghis Mountain varied significantly between different habitats. Further, SIMPER test indicated that six of the seven species were responsible for the mean of 50% of dissimilarity between sampled habitats. The dissimilar...
Min Li1,2, Jingjing Wang3, Suxian Hu3, Philip Stott4, Baoqing Lin5, Lianshan Li5, Hui Liu1, Heng Bao1, Duoying Cui6 and Guangshun Jiang1,* 
...ked cover types to avian species richness, evenness, and Shannon’s diversity using a stepwise linear regression model and regressions of proportions of cover types at different spatial scales. We recorded 109,026 sightings comprising 94 species, and found that avian diversity indices were positively influenced by the presence of open water, farmland, and alkaline marsh, and negatively by human settlement; and in addition, these relationships were only ap...
Muhammad Asif Gondal, Qazal Waheed, Sana Tariq, Waseem Haider, Aisha Khan, Qudsia Rasib and Haroon Ahmed*
...tributes like diversity, species richness and equitability of freshwater gastropods are important due to various reasons like intermediate hosts for many trematodes and bio-indicator. Snails are cosmopolitan in distribution and diversity of habitat to perform ecological performance is abosolute. The freshwater malacological information is sparse within Pakistan specifically in the foothills of Margalla hills. Therefore, the present study was designed to evalua...
Mubashar Hussain1*, Misbah Younas1,Muhammad Faheem Malik1, Muhammad Umar1, Maimoona Kanwal1, Moazama Batool2
... indicated variations in species richness (H= 1.72-2.14) and evenness (e^= 0.65-0.85). Similar trend in the values of other diversity indices were observed that indicated better richness and evenness of species. The diversity reported from the Sialkot emphasizes on detailed surveys with respect to feeding guilds, availability of vegetation types and dung preferences need to be explored. 
Sukhpreet Kaur Sidhu*, Gurkirat Singh Sekhon, Randeep Kaur Aulakh and Tejdeep Kaur Kler
...ps near the ponds. Avian species richness index was found positively correlated high with the occurrence of bird species in the habitat, rather than their individuals. The results of this study indicated that vegetation complexity in pond surroundings influenced the abundance and number of water dependent and terrestrial bird species directly and indirectly in agricultural habitats.
Muhammad Umar1, Mubashar Hussain1*, Muhammad Faheem Malik1, Muhammad Naeem Awan2 and David C. Lee3
A.E.S. Patrick1,*, S. Kuganathan2 and U. Edirisinghe3
...ish to reach the optimal species richness and abundance.

Najam-un-Nisa1, Ruqia Bibi1, Balqees Riaz1, Bushra Khalil1, Iqra Maheen1, Saima1, Uzma Islam Khan1 and Inam Ullah1,2*

...tion, species diversity, species richness, species evenness and status of bird species.


Journal of Innovative Sciences


Vol. 7, Iss. 1, Pages 1-205


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