Malik Muhammad Yousaf1*, Muhammad Mohsin Raza1*, Mumtaz Hussain1, Jahangir Shah1, Rao Wali Muhammad1, Sami Ullah2,3, Hera Gul4, Ijaz Ahmad5 and Muhammad Zeshan6
... were the other suitable sowing times for jojoba as these showed 82.37%, 75.47%, and 71.57% of germination respectively.
Wali Muhammad1*, Humayun Javed1, Munir Ahmad1 and Tariq Mukhtar2
...proach through different sowing times might provide its long-term control and safety to the environment. In the present study, effect of four sowing dates was evaluated on the infestation of L. orbonalis on brinjal at two locations in the Pothwar region of Pakistan. The study revealed that sowing dates influenced infestation by brinjal shoot and fruit borer. Shoot infestation significantly varied on brinjal at both locations sown at different dates. The...

Muhammad Iqbal1, Muhammad Mahmood Iqbal1*, Saghir Ahmad1, Athar Mahmood2, Muhammad Akram1, Hammad Husnain1, Muhammad Shahid1, Saeed Ahmad1, Ali Raza1, Ansar Hussain3, Allah Ditta Abid4, Qaisar Abbas5, Mussarrat Hussain5, Muhammad Akram6 and Muhammad Umair Hassan2

...1026 and eight different sowing times viz 1st March, 16th March, 1st April, 16th April, 1st May, 16th May, 1st June and 16th June. The experiment was performed in RCBD with split plot arrangement and was repeated thrice. Sowing times were placed in main plot and cultivars were placed in sub plots. Results revealed that seed cotton yield and fiber strength was more when cotton was planted early between 1st March to 16th April...

Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research


Vol. 34, Iss. 3, Pages 394-671


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