Yao Zou, Shien Ren, Miao Xu, Nannan Liang, Xuxin Zhang, Chongxuan Han and Xiaoning Nan

...few available studies on skull morphology of zokors, the interspecific differentiation of their skulls is still unclear. To differentiate among species and to describe the sexual dimorphism within each species, we measured morphological variation using one-way analysis of variance and cluster analysis in four species of zokor including Eospalax cansus, Eospalax rothschildi, Eospalax baileyi, and Myospalax aspalax. We also used principal component analysis and ...

Yue Ren1, Ting Jia2, Hao Zhang1, Zhengkun Wang1 and Wanlong Zhu1*

...tic diversity. Moreover, skull morphology changed for adapting to changing environment in T. belangeri chinensis. Finally, MengLa population had remarkable differences with the other populations both in genetic diversity and skull morphology. Our study provides genetic diversity and skull morphology knowledge of T. belangeri chinensis, their adaptation of genetic level and skull offers new...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 55, Iss. 1, Pages 1-500


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